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App of the Day – Improve your life and create quality habits with My Pocket Coach

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Keeping good discipline and creating habits while reaching to some important and big goal is maybe one of the hardest things in life. One smart saying is that the good habits are hard to get, but easy to lose and the bad habits are easy to get, and hard to lose. The everyday life, work and responsibilities take your time and mind from reaching your goals and lead you to a lot of bad habits.

The app that we are going to present today on Intellectuapp will surely be of big help in reaching and fulfilling your goals with creating and performing good habits. My Pocket Coach is surely one of the most unique and quality productivity apps that are free on Google Play.

The app works in a way that when you open the app you need to set a goal. Every goal has goal tittle and goal description. After you set it, you’ll need to determine habits that will enable you to achieve your goal. The app has already prepared habits, but you can add your own if you want. Then you can edit every habit according to your needs. You can set reminders and you can do certain habit few times daily, every day, week or month. You can also follow progress for every habit in very detailed way.

There are also quotes that will motivate you to improve your life and motivate you. You will get all sorts of different badges as you progress with your goals and the following of your habits. You can also write different notes to every habit. So, there is a reason why the developers call this app the habit library.

Coach mode is for people that work with a professional group and coach. The coach will give you special code that will enable you to enter the group and this special mode. You can learn more about this mode here.

Google Play Download Link: My Pocket Coach

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