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App of the Day - Infused

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The free social networking app called Infused is our App of the Day. It is an iOS app that currently is one of the most unique apps on the App Store. Infused will enable you to leave music, art, photos and any other kinds of media at a physical location. So, when a friend pass through that location, the media you stored will be sent to them and there will be a push notification on their device. That is why the app is “hyperlocal broadcasting and publishing app” according to the developers.

Think about it, the idea is amazing. You can leave an inspiring tune at the place you hang around with your friends, or lovely photo or song at the location that has special meaning for you and your love, or send a moving note to your community. Isn’t that incredible?

Your messages can be private or public, which is another great feature. You can share songs, art or images with the community if the media you share is public, or you can share private messages and love notes with your loved one.

Infused is trending and it is constantly improving. It has the perfect 5 star rating from over 30 ratings on App Store. I think it has the potential to become huge hit. Infused is simply an outstanding, creative and inspiring app. Infused connects the digital life you live to the places and people you love.

App Store Download Link: Infused


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