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App of the Week [Cross Platform] – Raendel

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Raendel is a cross platform communication app that you can use it to chat with people anonymously. The app has solid user base, and you can easily open up to anyone, make friends and talk on different topics that interest you, or simply bother you. You can even VOIP calls and talks with random people across the globe. Another interesting thing is that, nobody knows who and where the other contact is.

This is perfect for people that have social problems, people that live isolated lives and want to improve their social life. Sometimes people want to talk to people that they don’t know. Sometimes our close friends and family don’t understand us. So, this app’s idea is to open up the world and connect people in a unique way. Because every contact is anonymous, you will again feel the excitement that is lost on the today’s modern social media networks. If you like the talk, chat and chemistry that you have with certain user, you can make him as contact and get to know him more specifically.

This great idea works on the most popular mobile platforms, iOS and Android, but it is also available as a web app on any web browser. Try it for free, make contacts and improve your social life with Raendel.

Google Play Download Link: Raendel

App Store Download Link: Raendel

Website: Raendel


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