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App Review - Scrub Wars: USMLE Step 1 & Complex Level 1 edition – The perfect app for medical students

Monday, April 20, 2015

Scrub Wars is a medical app that tends to entertain medical students while learning for their board and course exams. This unique game, will surely make you a better student, as it implements a unique way of learning. Created by a doctor and expert in the field of medicine, Scrub Wars contains creative means of education packed in an asteroid-crushing atmosphere, with engaging space-age music.

The game features different packages of questions. The actual game has over 1000 board review questions, all packed in 16 exciting levels. However, it also contains 2000 M1/M2 trainings sessions. So, 3000 questions are waiting for you if you want to study in a fun and entertaining way. One of the best features of this game is that the questions are written, edited and tested by physicians, professors, residents, and medical students.

The medical students can really benefit from this unconventional study app. It will enable them to learn at unconventional study locations on the go: between classes, when waiting in line, when they eat etc. Visual questions and learning can really help students to study effectively. On top of that, the test questions are strategically placed throughout the app. They are intentionally designed to promote retention i.e spaced learning.

The graphics and sounds are also very engaging and professionally done. Actually, the soundtrack is created by professional artists, and the drawings, fonts, backgrounds are designed by extremely talented professionals.

Another great feature of Scrub Wars is the fact that you can share any questions with your classmates or friends. You can share them on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Scrub Wars is a great educational game that is a must have for every student of medicine. It can refresh students’ knowledge, give them confidence, enable them to learn in an entertaining way and at unconventional locations. It is a revolutionary app done with a lot of passion and expertise. Get it for free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Scrub Wars


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