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Most Useful App of the Day – 7 Lottery – Lotto Prediction

Monday, October 3, 2016

Playing lottery games like Cash 3 and Pick 3? Living USA (app is currently working for Florida only, but 8 more states will be included)? Well our most useful app of the day- 7 Lottery – Lotto Prediction & Results is a must! With an amazing functionality, this lottery app will give you predictions, combinations, generate and suggest the best numbers and statistics. This means that you will also have the lotto results within the app.

In order to make use of the app you need to understand that it is divided in multiple sections. The first is lotto statistics where you can check the necessary data to make a safe bet. See what numbers have not appeared or how many times certain numbers have appeared.

Additionally, the app will enable you to see and make use of its winning numbers. In the Cabala section you will learn how to translate everything mystical or events into lucky numbers. It can really bring you luck and some interesting numbers. Additionally, each bet you make you can keep into the app for further viewing and analysis.

The feature that makes 7 Lottery – Lotto Prediction stand out is the feature available for PRO users only. It suggest the most likely numbers to bet on Cash 3 and Pick 3 lotto. You will get the PRO feature for free in the first month, but after that you’ll need to make a small $1 per year subscription. We will reflect in a week or so about the success rate of these suggestions, although for now they look really promising.

For any lotto fan, this app is a must have. Get it for free!

Google Play Download Link: 7 Lottery – Lotto Prediction


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