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Productivity App of the Month - Moiety

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Moiety is a scheduling app for every phase of your life. Available for Android and iOS, let’s see why we were impressed by its features and why it has quickly become our #1 productivity app.

Apple's and Google calendar app have been good performers since their debut of iOS years ago. Everyone has a different workflow and that has opened the door for tons of calendar apps that suit a myriad of needs. If you need more than simple event entry and iCloud or Google Drive cloud sync, we will help you navigate the ocean of productivity apps available for your device, bringing you one of the finest ones today.

We’re talking about a scheduling app called Moiety, developed by Moiety, Inc. The developer team had a vision to solve and simplify our scheduling, and believe us they have succeeded. With beautiful and elegant design, this iOS and Android productivity app allows you to make unlimited personalized schedules within few taps, in a simpler and easier way.

Group Your Schedules

The Moiety features multiple functions and options, providing you with unlimited customized calendar groups, which are called 'Crews'. In these groups users can customize events and places for each of their calendar groups. Users see only parts of the calendar you want them to see, meaning you can invite contacts to join a calendar group you’ve created, or keep the calendar private if that’s what you wish for. It features calendar event statuses, where you can see who’s coming to the event or who’s not, through notifications and alerts.

Also, Moiety allows you to create customized recurring events, places and actions for each calendar Crew you create, with its patent pending technology. This way you’ll have all events presented on one screen only, so you can forget about texting, calling or re-entering common calendar events.

This app is safe and secure, so all of your personal information is protected, you don’t have to worry about that. If you want to download it, just click the links below and get it – it is completely free on the App Store or Google Play!

Google Play: Moiety

App Store Download Link: Moiety

Official Website: Moiety


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