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iOS Game of the Day – Fall.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fall down games always had something interesting in them. Whether it is the excitement of the constant movement, or the obstacles that need to be avoided, the falling and avoid obstacle games have always been intensely interesting. That is the case with our iOS Game of the Day – Fall. This ultra-addictive falling game puts you in charge of a small ball. The ball needs to avoid all kinds of different obstacles in a simple gameplay. 

To make things more interesting, the path can lead you through different ways. It is little unpredictable and unexpected. The paths are literally the most important thing, so be careful what you pick.

Left or right taps make the character bounce. The right side number is the depth measurement. Try to make it as deep as possible. Have fun with this little lovely falling game. It’s interesting and exciting, but try not to get too addicted! Get it for free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Fall.


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