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Android App of the Day – Postix postcards

Thursday, April 20, 2017

In this age of sharing images via email, social media and text messages, one form of photo communication has sadly been left behind. It is something we all used to look forward to getting from anyone who was traveling. I’m speaking of the humble postcard. Remember back when it was exciting to get a delivery in the mail? You know, inside that small metal bin mounted to a wooden post at the end of your driveway? Well now you can bring back that nostalgia and conquer the digital divide by mailing out real world, physical postcards straight from your Android phone.

What is Postix postcards?

How? With an amazing app that we’re going to present to you today, called Postix postcards. Now with only one click you can create a real postcard and send it to whomever you want. Beautifully designed, with neat interface and easy-to-use, this app allows you to share happiness and give joy to your loved ones.

Why We Like It?

We love Postix postcards because it lets us design our own postcards and cheer our friends and family with them. Simply take a great photo, upload it to the app, customize it according to your likings, let the app print it and send it to anyone you like. Forget about going to the post office, just download Postix for free from Google Play and share it with your friends!

Google Play Download Link: Postix postcards


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