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Plan & Visualize Important Things in Your Daily Life with Progress Graphs

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Staying organized is one of the toughest things to do. Everything in your life requires at least some kind of organization and it’s also something you have to do and keep track of every day. Having things well planned or noted, takes away much of the later unnecessary extra efforts or pain.

In a simple example: let’s say you are over the phone and taking important note on piece of paper. Now when you really need it next time, most of the occasions it’s hard to find. Same things goes for things we like to do. If we do not write it down and put date against, it keeps spinning in mind with endless loop. The point is to have a right tool to help manage day to day tasks in easy and visualized way.

So today we are introducing such tool which could HELP you to become more PRODUCTIVE in your daily life and set your goals straight; we highly recommend you DOWNLOAD Progress Graphs mobile app.

What is Progress Graphs?

Available on both platforms, iOS and Android, this is an incredible multi-use productivity app, perfect for working professional mums and dads, new parents, students, graduates, etc. Its primary idea is to provide its users with a meaningful tool that makes life well organized.

Why We Liked It?

Aside from its gorgeous and simple design, Progress Graphs has 17 professionally designed, copyrighted themes. Offering a wide range of features, the app even works while you’re offline. With it, you can do all kinds of stuff, such as: create notes with heading & sub-texts, dates, upload multiple images with or without input of texts, download your content into PDF format, share it via email or other compatible apps etc. Your lists (they call it ‘graphs’) are stored and secured 100% on your device. That means NO tracking or monitoring of your content unlike some other apps.

Make your life more productive by downloading Progress Graphs for FREE from the App Store or from Google Play. Start taking daily notes, schedule your tasks, make grocery lists, create digital baby books, photo albums, school history projects, creating future career path etc. Check out its full set of features & usage by visiting its Facebook page, YouTube Channel or official website.

App Store Download Link: Progress Graphs

Google Play Download Link: Progress Graphs

Facebook: Progress Graphs

YouTube: Progress Graphs

Official Website: Progress Graphs

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