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SHiNE - Be a Light - the best new Christian social media app on the net

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Many devout Christians worry about the influence of media on one’s spirit. This is especially true of social media sites. When visiting places like Facebook and YouTube, it is possible to inadvertently see anything. After all, people can post whatever they want, with very little oversight. With this concern for the type of media that we consume, it is little surprise that many Christians are finding refuge in Social media sites aimed at those of the Christian faith. That’s why today we will review one of the very best Christian social media app called SHiNE - Be a Light .

Friendly faith-based social media app

SHiNE - Be a Light is a friendly faith-based Christian social media app designed to bring people together, make new friends and create new relationships. It's placed to encourage and uplift each other in the spirit. Everyone is welcome. Create a profile, add photos and videos and connect with friends. Join a social group that interests you, or create your own and invite others. Discuss topics that matter to you. Post reviews and comment, update your status and chat with friends.

Cover all areas of life-related to the Christian faith

This app Christian videos and exclusive articles covering all areas of life, as well as sections and topics related to the Christian Faith. It’s the best tool for internal and external communication. Not only that but you will be able to promote, text on the public event calendar to like-minded people that are looking for a clean and safe entertainment.

Download this family friendly app for free from App store and get your very own safe and clean area where you will socialize with like-minded people.

App Store Download Link: SHiNE - Be a Light

Website: SHiNE - Be a Light

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