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Fidget Spinner – Exciting Space Game

Friday, August 11, 2017

The fidget spinner craze is taking over the world! And as if the actual toys weren’t enough, mobile game developers are also giving us a ton of great fidget spinner games, with some very inventive and original approaches. No matter if you are a fan of the endless spinners or not, you will surely love the game we’re recommending today!

What is Fidget Spinner all about?

We’re excited to present to you a cool arcade game called Fidget Spinner. This is a highly addictive space game, designed with wonderful animated space visuals, HD graphics and cool fidget spinners that will enhance your gaming experience. Also, the game includes stress-free one touch spin controls and friendly UI.

Why We Love It?

First of all, Fidget Spinner lets you choose between 25+ glowing and colorful fidget spinners for your gameplay. Pick the one you like the most, tap play and start spinning and avoiding the falling asteroid (it can make you lose the game!). While doing that, collect coins, speed multipliers and lives to keep going up in the space. Even if you lose, the game includes an endless replay button. Survive as long as you can and make incomparable high scores.
You can also play a spinner simulator in a separate section inside the game, so you don't have to install another game to get a spinner simulator because it is already included inside this one. Download Fidget Spinner from Google Play – it is totally free!

Google Play Download Link: Fidget Spinner

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