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Android App of the Day - Magic Hands

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Entertainment, planning, productivity, bill payments, shopping, mails, games, social networking and what not – your app library has solutions for diverse urbane lifestyle needs and preferences. However, some kindhearted mobile app developers have already thought of it and been in action to let your device play the role of a coach you are searching for. In fact, there are many such apps that are riding high in popularity for offering DIY [do-it-yourself] learning tools, practice and test sessions and proven effective in cultivating new skill-set – then what are the best to choose? Here’s one app that you can download today and learn new awesome skill.

What is Magic Hands & Why do we love it?

The app that we’re so excited to share with you is called Magic Hands. We liked this app so much that we decided to make it our Android App of the Day. So, suitable for Android users of any age, this app is a fun and visual way to learn and master the art of twisting long skinny balloons into playful and unique figures. If you want to learn how to make unique stuff with that kind of balloons, then Magic Hands is perfect for you.

The app is very simple and easy to use, designed with intuitive interface and straightforward instructions. You will be presented with the exact steps for twisting the balloon figures from the twister's point of view. Also, there are multiple categories featured, such as Jewelry, Flowers, Animals, Hats, Vehicles, Swords, etc. Whether you want to have fun or to entertain other people, Magic Hand is the tool you need.

Available in 12 Different languages: English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Italian, and Hindi, this cool and original app can be downloaded for free from Google Play. Get it now and enjoy twisting balloons!

Google Play Download Link: Magic Hands

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