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Lifestyle App of the Month – Streeter

Monday, October 9, 2017

We love location-based apps! We love always being aware of what is around us at all times. It kind of makes us look cool and all knowing; sort of people that friends ask for restaurant recommendations all the time. We have probably tried most apps in the App Store that provide local information, and it’s time we list one of the best of the lot. Welcome to Streeter, an amazing community marketplace that we chose to be our Lifestyle App of the Month. Read the article and find out why we like it so much!

What is Streeter all about?

Streeter is an amazing location-based tool launched on the iOS platform for users that want to discover all things local. Intuitively designed and easy to use, this community marketplace is perfect for finding nearby businesses and services for all your needs!

Standout Features

This is a one stop app for all things local, where both individuals and businesses can buy, sell and advertise. Get ready to discover nearby restaurants, movies, boutiques, and malls and to browse job listings, movie reviews, and many more. Organized in various categories, Streeter allows you to promote and post ads, boost them to increase visibility and view useful information about tons of businesses and services. You can even use the app’s integrated map view, shout out special things via the Echo feature, share your promo code via social media to earn points, view recent updates of your activities and profiles you follow on your Wall, interact with different other users, receive notifications for important things, etc.

If you’re wondering what we loved the most about this app, it’s the Echo feature. Its primary idea is about sharing listings, places, ads or anything else that you think might interest someone you know. You can easily use it to send these kinds of shout outs and receive Echo reminders and notifications when you are at place or business listing shout out by your friends or people you are following. How amazing is that?

Streeter is a perfect companion for buyers and sellers, and it can be downloaded for free from the App Store. It is soon launching on Google Play as well.

App Store Download Link: Streeter

Official Website Link: Streeter

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