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Puzzle Game of the Week – Triogical, The Ultimate Puzzle

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The market is loaded with mindless distractions to fill your down moments, but you don’t have to play something dumb or monotonous. You can still put your mind to good use by playing a puzzle game, and luckily both Android and iOS have plenty of options available. Today we’ve picked one of our favorite puzzlers and we’re sure you’re going to love it! It’s called Triogical.

What is Triogical?

This is a unique puzzle adventure that offers its players tons of logic puzzles for solving, using one to three wizards who each have their own special ability. Designed with magical islands, fun characters and beautiful graphics, this game will engage you in its challenging gameplay like no other game could!

Amazing Gameplay

Triogical features 3 wizards, Magneto, Eolia and Zappy. The enigmatic Magneto can collect gems, activate objects and teleport himself, the beautiful Eolia has the power to move objects by blowing them from afar, and the destructive Zappy can destroy almost everything that is in the way. Use their different special abilities and skills to win levels, go through dangerous castles and escape each room! Tap on your screen to cross cracked stone floors, manipulate landmines, use dynamite, walk on icy paths, avoid laser shots which can be deflected by mirrors, destroy pyramids, collect gems and much more. Also, there are 112 logic puzzles, hundreds of difficulty levels, high scores and rankings.

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary and innovative puzzle game, download Triogical for free from the App Store or from Google Play and don’t forget to invite your friends!

Google Play Download Link: Triogical, The Ultimate Puzzle

App Store Download Link: Triogical, The Ultimate Puzzle

Official Website Link: Triogical, The Ultimate Puzzle

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