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iOS Game of the Day - Astro.io

Monday, November 13, 2017

Space games have experienced a rebirth over the past few years, exploiting a decade of pent up desire for exploration among the stars in order to launch umpteen new games. But can these sequels, revivals and newcomers compete with the old classics for a place in our heart? They certainly can with our latest iOS Game of the Day - Astro.io.

The 3D space battle game gives a twist of the classic space shooters and adds multiplayer features for unforgettable matches of precision, flying and shooting. With tons of spaceship to choose from, and possibility to upgrade them, select their colors and enjoy io gameplay.

When you first start the game you’ll instantly feel attracted by the whole space ambient and io gameplay. The game has that great factor in it: it’s not boring and we’ll entertain you constantly. To make things even more interesting Astro.io also features leaderboard where you can compete to top the leaderboard. There are levels and ranks, that also add to the competitiveness of the game.

The graphics and sounds are all top notch. We especially loved the beautiful looks of the spacecrafts. Everything seems to be done with high attention to detail. You’ll simply enjoy everything about this game, especially if you are a space arcade game lover.

Astro.io can easily become your new favorite time-killer. Great space game that is available for free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Astro.io


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