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SuperViz – Create Galleries of Worlds to Collaborate & Learn

Sunday, November 12, 2017

We’d all like to use our time efficiently — however that translates for us: waste less time refreshing social media we ultimately don’t care about, split screens to compare data without flipping between pages, or getting our 10-year plan into the day-to-day so we can feel more productive instead of just busy. It’s easy to stretch a task that could be done in 40 minutes into an all-day event, especially with the introduction of the internet, but that’s not a very satisfying way to live. It also doesn’t maximize your talents or ensure that you’ll grow at the kind of rate you might like to see when you’re looking back on what you’ve achieved in life.

Below is one of the best productivity tools that will help you turn your abstract goals into achievable, actionable items for your day-to-day life, an incredibly unique app called SuperViz.

What is SuperViz?

SuperViz is a productivity tool that lets you collaborate and learn by creating galleries of 360 worlds, developed on both App Store and Google Play. The app has tools and sessions that you can enter with your friends to become more productive and better at your work, plus it’s designed with friendly user interface and great graphics.

What does SuperViz offer?

Whether you want to show your adventures and places you’ve visited to your friends or family, a simple onsite meetings between you and your clients, or if you’re a teacher that want to take your students on an educational journey around the world, SuperViz is the right way to go. It is full of useful and unique tools, such as: laser pointers, drawing tools, voice conferencing, audio and image layers, etc. With it, you can enjoy your sessions in 2 different modes: window mode and VR mode. Create galleries of panorama photos, 360 degree photos, 360 degree videos and Google Street Views, then invite others to join you inside them and customize your galleries to make them more engaging.
The app is designed around creating productive sessions for learning and discussing location-specific topics, for more awesome learning and collaborating. Get it now for free from one of the links below!

App Store Download Link: SuperViz

Google Play Download Link: SuperViz

Official Website Link: SuperViz


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