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Social App of the Week - Bankable Celebrations

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

If you want to send personalized greetings and gift cards to your friends and family, you’ve came to the right place. Our pick for a Social App of the Week is called Bankable Celebrations. This incredible app lets you create loveable online gifts that last forever, right from your Android or iOS device. Let’s see what the app has to offer and why did we choose it!

Send your greetings and congratulations with Bankable’s e-cards
We thought that the time of sending greeting cards is long gone, but out mobile devices have found a way to revive this practice with the appearance of electronic greeting cards. Bankable Celebrations is an app that combines the endearing nature of greeting card and the usefulness of online gift cards to bring us a new way to send our best wishes and congratulations to our closest. The app have a plethora of different greeting cards to choose from. Birthdays, Congratulations, Anniversaries, Weddings, Holiday or Tank You cards, no matter the occasion Bankable Celebrations provides a card for all of them. You can also send animated, musical or personalized cards.  Choose between many funny, cute, smart, loving and other kinds of greeting messages and send some love and appreciation to the people in your life.

Online gift cards for that last minute birthday present

You can personalize the greeting card with your photographs, signatures or even a personal video messages so they perfectly fit the occasion and person you want to send it to. Other than that Bankable Celebration also have the unique feature to attach an online gift card to the greeting one which also makes for a great birthday present. The app offers online gift cards from iTunes, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Starbucks and more. So now we won’t worry if we forgot someone’s birthday and we don’t have the time to shop for a perfect present. Bankable Celebrations have us covered!
If you want to try out this fun way of sending your greetings and congratulations to your friends and family you can find and download Bankable Celebrations for free at both Google Play Store and the App Store!

Google Play Store download link: Bankable Celebrations

App Store download link:
Bankable Celebrations

Official Website Link: Bankable Celebrations


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