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Puzzle Game of the Week - Super Sudoku Challenge

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Like we’ve said so many times, casual games are our favourite types of games. They are simple, yet so fun to play. Today, as our Casual Game of the Week, we’re sharing with you a cool Sudoku game called Super Sudoku Challenge. Although it was already mentioned here on Intellectuapp, we simply couldn’t resist from showing it to you again. Let’s see what the game is all about.

What is this game about?

This Sudoku-like puzzle game is very easy to play, suitable for all ages and lovers of Sudoku solving puzzles. Developed for android users this game is offering the players to test their skills of solving Sudoku while letting them to enjoy the simple and yet challenging fun puzzles. The game is quite addictive, offering players to enjoy the colorful design with sharp graphics each time they match numbers and solve puzzles. With playing the game, all players get the chance to push their brain to think harder and solve the puzzles for the highest scores, becoming the best Sudoku solver on this ultimate Sudoku fun.

Why do we choose it?

Super Sudoku Challenge is offering its players the ultimate Sudoku-like fun and challenge that all math number puzzle lovers will enjoy for sure. The players on the game get to challenge their Sudoku skills and have fun getting high scores for solving the puzzle right. All the player needs to do on the game is to match as many same numbers as possible in each puzzle and he will get scores for his correct matching answers. Playing and solving the Sudoku puzzles, players will challenge their brain and skills, become better in Sudoku while getting the chance to become the best players on the game by solving the puzzles fast and obtaining the highest scores. Each time the player is solving a puzzle on this game, he will enjoy the gameplay and get his Sudoku skills on the next level as the best Sudoku solver.

Just tap and swipe on the tile you want to switch and match. Match 1 with 2 or match “3” “6” “12” & “24” to create the maximum score and remember that the game ends when all tiles are filled with numbers.

Download this game now on Google Play for free.

Google Play Download Link: Super Sudoku Challenge


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