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Communication App of the Week - Satway Pro

Thursday, February 1, 2018

While regular cell phones can also help you connect with someone sitting thousands of miles away, they are rendered useless in particularly remote locations. This is where satellite phones come in hand. For all proud owners of sat phones, today as our Communication App of the Week, we have one of the best apps - Satway Pro.

What is Satway Pro?

Satway Pro is an online messaging service for all satellite phone users that want to connect with their friends and family via an Android and iOS app. The app is secure, convenient, easy to use and beautifully designed – providing tons of communication features. Let’s talk more about those features and functionalities.

Satway Pro Highlights

Like we said, Satway Pro is a feature-rich app. It offers a two-way communication, via text and voice messages, and geolocation anywhere on the planet. It works with Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya satellite phones within their coverage areas. All messages and data location are sent with a satellite terminal over these reliable networks. To send your geolocation, you have to send a message with your GNSS position coordinates; your guest users will receive the position with a map icon. To send voice or text messages, all you got to do is write a text message, call and record a voice message or acquire a GNSS position on the satellite phone and transmit it to Satway Pro number. Choose to send messages individually or with a group (with up to 10 people) and make your messages public or private – it’s up to you.

You can try out Satway Pro’s 30 days trial for free, but make sure you visit its official website for more useful info. Download the app for free from Google Play or from the App Store and enjoy.

Official Website: Satway Pro

App Store Download Link: Satway Pro

Google Play Download Link: Satway Pro


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