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Most Useful App of the Day - ChimpGo - All in One Media Downloader

Monday, February 12, 2018

For many, social media apps have become a regular pastime. These apps allows us to creep on and apathetically “like” photos and videos that define our circle of digital friends, acquaintances, frienemies, and even complete strangers. While it’s easy enough to take a screenshot or save a single photo, saving iconic videos from the platform is a bit more difficult – but not impossible. How can you keep a collection of everything that’s getting uploaded? We have the solution, and it’s called ChimpGo!

What is ChimpGo all about?

Whether you want to download photos, videos or statuses from your social media apps, ChimpGo is the perfect way to go. It is an awesome media downloader app for Android devices, easy-to-use, completely free, designed with great graphics and features.

ChimpGo Standout Features

Stop wasting your time and money with multiple media downloader apps. Now, with ChimpGo you can have it all in one single app on your Android phone or tablet. With it, you can easily download photos and videos from Instagram, statuses from WhatsApp, stories from Instagram, videos from Twitter and videos from Facebook. Also, you will be able to repost photos and videos, copy hashtags, and so on. And everything with few taps only. All of the media you download will be saved in an integrated gallery and a neat dashboard where you can manage your downloaded files.

Have your own all-in-one media downloader, get the ChimpGo app for free from Google Play and enjoy simple downloading.

Google Play Download Link: ChimpGo


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