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Most Useful App of the Day – Playapod

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Podcasting apps, also known as podcatchers, do more than just play your podcasts. The best-in-class examples automatically download and sort the newest episodes of your subscribed podcasts, help manage your subscriptions and include a variety of audio tools and features to give you the best listening experience possible. Podcasts seem to be making a return as a main source of information gathering in the age of the Internet. It’s a great way to listen to experts talk about the topics you care about and it’s relatively easy to find great podcasts. If you’re a fan of the medium and are in the market for a new podcast app, here is one of the best podcast apps for Android and iOS.

What is Playapod?

Today we’re sharing with you one of our favorite podcasts apps. It is called Playapod, and it is a free cross platform podcast app created for Android and iOS devices. This amazing app syncs your podcasts to the cloud so you can pick up any device and go, includes cross-platform device syncing, episode tracking down to the second, time-coded bookmarks, remote media controls, offline listening, new episode notifications, bulk imports, fast performance, no ads, and much more.

Playapod Best Features

If you want to listen to your favorite podcasts anywhere you are, Playapod is the perfect way to go. Beautifully designed, with friendly user-interface, the app is full of great features. For instance, it is able to sync all your podcast subscriptions and episode progress between multiple devices and across all platforms. To use it, you have to install it and sign-in for free with a social media account you’re using or with your e-mail. Then, you can track the portions of episodes that you have listened down to the second, so you'll never forget where you left off or what you skipped over, you will be able to bookmark your favorite parts of any episode (which are also synced across your devices), toggle playback and skip forward and backwards quickly using lock screen and Bluetooth controls, and so on.

One of the greatest things about Playapod is that you can enjoy it even without Internet connection. You will get new episode notifications so you stay on top of your favorite shows and a chance to customize all of the app’s settings. Download this amazing ad-free podcast app from one of the following links – it is totally free of charge.

Google Play Download Link: Playapod

App Store Download Link: Playapod

Official Website Link: Playapod


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