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Casual Game of the Week – Fell Over

Sunday, April 15, 2018

If you’re looking for a game that will put your reflexes, gaming skills and patience to a test, we’ve got the perfect one for you. Fell Over is an awesome cross-platform game that can be played by users of any age. Designed with cool graphics and addictive gameplay, we’re sharing it today with you as a Casual Game of the Week.

Test your logic and patience!

Fell Over is a fun arcade game – a physics-based puzzle that will test your nerves, logical skills and patience. The player must tap the blocks and eliminate them, so the ball can move downwards to the base of the block tower. Bringing the ball securely to the base of the block tower means you have beaten the level! The Fell Over game has a total of 99 different levels the player can enjoy! It is simple in design and gameplay but highly addictive and is certainly a brain pleaser!

99 different levels to complete

Fell Over is a great way to jog your brain when you have some free time. The levels are with increasing difficulty, so when you progress throughout them the get a lot harder. You can play the challenge mode where you can challenge your own best scores, your friends or other players. Fell Over is simple in design, with fun colors, enjoyable sound effects and music. If you were searching for a simple yet challenging puzzle game, you need to give Fell Over a try.
You can find the Fell Over game available for free at both the Google Play Store and the App Store today!

App Store Download Link: Fell Over

Google Play Store Download Link: Fell Over


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