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Trivia Game of the Week – WOW Trivia

Friday, April 13, 2018

Test your general knowledge and enjoy hours of trivia fun with our Trivia Game of the Week. WOW Trivia is an addictive and educational game that was released on the iOS platform by NJ VAUGHN MEDIA, LLC, perfect for all users that want to see how much they know, and for all of those who want to have fun on their iDevices. See below why we chose it.

What is WOW Trivia all about?

Beautifully designed, this quiz game is created as one very fun, addictive and challenging trivia game which is allowing players to test their knowledge by answering tons of trivia questions in different trivia categories like movies, science, sports, history, gaming and more. The trivia game is developed for IOS users, offering them to test their knowledge and increase it with trivia answer they give. Players will have their chance to get on top of the leaderboard by getting scores for each correct answer. The game will keep the player’s attention each time he plays and answers the interesting questions.   

Standout Features

WOW Trivia offers its players to test their trivia knowledge, challenge their brain while having fun answering questions and scoring points for their correct trivia answers. On the game, players get to answer thousands of trivia questions in tons of categories available like movies, sports, science, history, gaming and more, choosing their favorite category and trying to answer as many questions as possible. The trivia questions can be a true and false type or multiple choice questions. Players will get scores for each correct answer given and the players that will answer as many questions correctly as they can get their chance to get on top of the trivia leaderboard of this game.

With the game players will have a lot of fun, test their knowledge and expand it at the same time. Also, the game has to offer a premium version the players can upgrade to it and unlock even more interesting trivia questions. Just by downloading the game, players will immediately start enjoying this incredibly fun quiz trivia game.

Download it now on App Store for free and choose your favorite trivia category to test yourself!

App Store Download Link: WOW Trivia


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