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1Line Football – An Awesome Connecting Line Soccer Puzzle

Monday, June 25, 2018

Mobile gaming has come a long ways over the past few years. From console-quality graphics to extremely addictive arcade-style fun that’s easy to play and waste a few minutes. There are tons of addicting Android games available, and everyone likes something different. That said, here’s one of the most addictive Android games available right now. The most addictive Android games are the ones you can pick up and play in seconds. They need to be fun and easy to play, yet hard to master. Or those that take hours and hours (or years) to complete. All of which are extremely fun but can also be frustrating and addictive! We have exactly that for you in the review below.

What is 1Line Football?

We present to you an awesome puzzle game called 1Line Football. 1Line Football is an extremely addictive, yet relaxing one line puzzler created for Android users, designed with intuitive user interface and great gameplay. The gameplay will challenge your brain and keep you hooked for hours! You will easily learn how to play, but can you master it?

How to Play?

The rules of 1Line Football are pretty easy to follow, but the gameplay is very hard to master. You have to think strategically in order to complete levels and solve all the featured puzzles. The main goal in 1Line Football is to connect all the football balls with one stroke only. Move your fingers across your screen, connect the balls and don’t forget that you can’t go through the same line twice. At first, you will start playing with simple shapes, but as you play you will progress into more difficult ones and be challenged even more. Complete as many levels as possible, win points, challenge your friends and become the puzzle master of this one stroke football puzzle. Additionally, the game offers helpful hints for you to use whenever you’re stuck.

Enjoy this mind challenging puzzle game on your Android device anywhere and anytime, download it today for free from the following Google Play link.

Google Play Download Link: 1Line Football


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