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Business App of the Month – HostEvent

Saturday, August 4, 2018

HostEvent was reviewed earlier this week on Intellectuapp. This web, iOS and Android event app proved to be amazing and may come extremely useful to businesses and event creators / promoters. That is why we decided to make it our Business App of the Month. Read more how this amazing tool can help you with your events.

What is HostEvent?

It is a web, iOS & Android app lets anyone to create, promote and manage an event, as well as to view, stay updated, buy tickets and much more as an attendee.

Extremely easy to use

With HostEvent you don’t need to pay developers to build an app for your event or special technical knowledge. Everything is put simple for you.

HostEvent allows users to promote and organize an event app with ease by conjoining advanced technology with a great relationship building and analysis platform. We say it is extremely easy to use (HostEvent websites say you can create a complete event in under 30 minutes) because users can create events in 3 simple steps.

Go to HostEvent, sign up and start the creation process you’ll realize how easy it is.

What features to expect?

From publishing event agenda and sharing documents or files related to a session, to updating important info related to an event, or seeing who is attending the event, event creation and management is indeed powerful. The list of features is long, which proves that HostEvent users can really organize, promote and track a truly professional event.

Read more about their service and be sure to try it from the links below. It is one of the best service to create events at this moment!

Website: HostEvent
App Store Download Link: HostEvent
Google Play Download Link: HostEvent


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