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Reduce Stress and Worries with the Locator App Wokka Lokka Locator

Saturday, August 4, 2018

It can be a heart-stopping question for parents: "Where is my child?" In parks, at beaches or in any public setting, your kid can wander out of view in an instant. But technology can provide some peace of mind in the form of a lightweight GPS tracker that can last a day or two on a charge, and offers frequent and reliable updates on your child's whereabouts. Some are watches, while others clip to a backpack.

A Perfect Parenting App

Take a deep breath now and relax, we have a perfect app proposal for today’s article that will help you to reduce the stress or anxiety based on your caring for the loved and close ones. We gladly want to present you the Wokka Lokka Locator, an amazing parenting app that will help you to stay in touch with the current location of your children. Of course, it can be used and for the rest of your family or for locating your dear friends.

With SOS Button

It’s a perfect locator app that provides a real-time location finder service allowing families and friends to privately share their location information and communicate with each other. The main use is to navigate your child, spouse or friend’s location and monitor the history of their movements on the city map. You can use the SOS button to send a help alert in the emergency cases.

We gladly recommend Wokka Lokka Locator to improve your close relationship and get rid of unnecessary worries for your loved ones. The gps locator app is available on Play Store and App Store so get it right now! 

Google Play Download Link: Wokka Lokka Locator App

App Store Download Link: Wokka Lokka Locator App

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