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Music App of the Week - Teaser Music

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Get ready to discover new music with the Teaser Music app! If you’re an Android user that wants to improve his music listening experience, to easily find any song you’re looking for, or to discover new music every day, then this app is perfect for you. We loved Teaser Music so much that we decided to make it a Music App of the Week. See why in our review below!

What is this app about?

This is one unique and practical music player app that is especially created as an amazing music finder which is developed for android users, easy to use and simple, offering each user to easily discover new music and find trending songs worldwide, instantly available on his phone. Also with this app the user also has the chance to listen to song teasers to decide if he likes that song or not. Each teaser is long about 15-20 seconds and allows users to find new trending songs without spending much time browsing through all the track-lists.

Why do we choose Teaser Music?

Teaser Music and the features offered on it will offer each user and music lover a whole new music experience of trending music from the whole world. Using this app will allow the user to add music he likes in his favorites and all the records of his liked songs will be stored making it easier for him to find them anytime he wants to. With the music app the user is also provided only with teaser music which will help him find the full length of the song he likes with direct song links to the official website on YouTube for him listen the full track he likes.  The app will help the users to find new and quality music that suits their taste for music without wasting their time spending hours browsing through the track-lists. This song finder is especially created to offer only teaser music and helping users find each song quickly on their phones whenever they want. Users will constantly be on track with the new and trending music, discovering music they like anytime and anywhere.

Download this app now on Google Play for free to discover trending music and listen to song teasers!

Google Play Download Link: Teaser Music


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