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Android App of the Week - My Affirmations

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with negativity in your daily life. You can cast out negativity through the power of positive affirmations and a proper goal setting app on your Android device. Keep track of your goals and reach them with the help of My Affirmations. My Affirmations is our choice for an Android App of the Week – see why below!

What is My Affirmations?

This goal setting app is very interesting and unique offering the users a chance to be reminded of their goals on a daily basis. Developed on android platform, easy to use and user-friendly, My Affirmations is helping users to reach their goals much easier by repeating their affirmations daily to root them deeply in their conscious and subconscious mind. Users will receive notifications one a day at a time convenient for them and they read and remember their goals on a daily basis to reach their affirmations.

My Affirmations Highlights

My Affirmations is here to give users a chance to get reminded of their affirmations and reach their goals. Using the app offers users to get a list of affirmations with the topics already formulated. The topics offered on the app are health, success, happiness, prosperity and money, self-confidence, positive thinking, finding love, relationships, losing weight and more and also for users that don’t find a suitable topic they can insert their own beliefs and get reminded of them. The affirmations of the user can be personalized with background images offered by the app’s gallery but the premium version allows users to insert their own images and even add their own music.  

If the user can’t find a suitable topic he can insert his own beliefs and get reminders. The users are suggested to write their affirmation philosophy as realistic as possible and to say what they want and what they don’t want to get to their goals much easier. Short notifications are given to users on a daily basis in a time that suits them the most to reach their goals. Users can write their feedback, suggestions, and compliment for the app to improve for their preferences.

Download this app for free on Google Play to insert your affirmations and get reminded of your goals!

Google Play Download Link: My Affirmations


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