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Travel App of the Week - Barcelona Forbidden

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Discover the best places to go out in the city of Barcelona with the one and only Barcelona Forbidden. Barcelona Forbidden is a cross-platform app that offers everything you need for finding the best locations for a great night out. We picked this app to be our Travel App of the Week – see why below!

What is Barcelona Forbidden all about?

The Barcelona Forbidden is one amazing entertainment app which is developed for both Android and iOS users, specially created for Barcelona travelers. With this app, all the travelers to Barcelona are able just by using their GPS to discover all interesting and fun places around Barcelona where they can go out or go eat without spending much time looking. User-friendly and easy to use, the app helps users in finding places in the area where they can enjoy a perfect night in the city.

Standout features

With this app for Barcelona travels and all the features on it is allowing travelers to have a great stay in Barcelona and enjoy amazing nights without wasting their time to find interesting places to go out. On the app, the users are able to easily, directly on his phone discover all the nightclubs in the area and even more to find gay clubs and swingers in the surroundings with all the information for the place they need.  The app is also offering the users to search for restaurants that are open from 6 to 2.30 and even discover restaurants that are open for 24 hours.

Effortlessly, using the app, users can find all the coffee shops in their surroundings and more than that, discover parties and places that have to offer live and Latin music, as well for techno resistance. Not only that but also with the app the user is able to find drinks and liquors delivery too. Simple and fast, all this is available with a tap on the app for any user which is in Barcelona so he can enjoy the most amazing nights around the city.

Download it from the App Store and Google Play for free to search for restaurants and nightclubs around the city!

Official Website: Barcelona Forbidden

App Store Download Link: Barcelona Forbidden

Google Play Download Link: Barcelona Forbidden


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