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Deliver Soda to Your Customers by Overcoming All Obstacles - Micro Vendor Adventures

Thursday, November 1, 2018

If you like playing smartphone games on the go that can entertain you in your free time or when you need to kill boredom one of the best choices are definitely the adventure games. Among so many of these games, finding the most relaxing and fun adventure that will challenge your skills at the same time is not easy for choosing. But, we looked and we have found for all of you a great puzzle adventure game that will get you hooked to playing fast for sure. Let’s see what the game is all about.

What is Micro Vendor Adventures all about?

Micro Vendor Adventures is developed for iOS users, especially for retro puzzle lovers that like to play one addictive and fun puzzle adventure game that gives them a chance to test their skills while enjoying the retro 8-bit graphics and sounds each time they play. The players with this adventure game will have fun while puzzling and completing challenging levels in order to get their high scores. This game explores vending machines around all of us and recruits players to become the next Vending-Robo.

Gameplay & Features

This retro puzzle adventure game is offering the players amazing features that will get their addicted to the game fast. Players get a chance to test their skills and puzzle while enjoying the retro gameplay. All the players need to do on the game is to deliver soda to their customers in order to complete each level by becoming the Vending-Robo. On the player’s way, there are many traps and obstacles he needs to overcome that are quite challenging and are testing his skills. The player by controlling the environment around him such as the blocks and the elevators will be able to overcome the traps and obstacles and progress.

Different challenging levels are offered for the player to be challenged, and every new level is harder than the one before. Hidden coins are available in each level and if the player wants to get his high scores he needs to do his best and collect as many of the coins as possible. Players will enjoy the challenging puzzles and boss fight as well for the relaxing gameplay without any time limit. No in-app purchases are required and the player just by downloading the game can start his adventure.
Download it on App Store for free to deliver soda to customers by overcoming the obstacles on the way!

Official Website: Micro Vendor Adventures

App Store Download Link: Micro Vendor Adventures


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