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Antarmy is One of the Best and Most Unique Online Shopping Apps

Friday, December 7, 2018

If you're a shopper of any kind, you’ve probably used online shopping apps. But the online shopping app we’ll introduce today is something totally different. We are talking about Antarmy, online shop and shopping community platform where you can shop for items overseas or earn by selling and offering shopping services for various requests.

Original, interesting and reliable
Think of it as an ecommerce platform where you can buy items offered by various sellers, buy items you desire after acquiring offers or earning money by selling items or completing buyer’s shop requests.
The app makes it easy for you to upload your shopping list by choosing your items and then you can wait for great offers that will be offered by overseas order takers. Then upload the shipping information and pay for it. Your money will not be released to the seller until you receive the package and confirm it on the official page with the “Receive” button.
Great shopping community
As a user of Antartmy, there is also a possibility to enter the Moments community where you can share great moments, ideas or items with people from around the world and have fun with it. So, if this shopping app fits your interests then feel free to download on Play Store or App Store right now. Give it a try and have some fun!

Google Play Download Link: Antarmy

App Store Download Link: Antarmy

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