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Sports App of the Week - Steady Head

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

What is one of the most crucial parts of the golf swing? Every professional will agree that it is the steady head. If you’re a golf player or lover and want to learn how to keep your head steady during your swing, check out our Sports App of the Week, Steady Head! This is one of the best ways to train yourself, now only using your iDevice.

What is Steady Head?

Steady Head is a sports app for golf training that is quite efficient and easy to use, offering golf players to train and keep their head steady during their golf swings. Developed for iOS users, the golf training app offers users the ability to choose and train outside and indoors with the help of AR technology or using the iPhone camera. When you set up the ball, the app will recognize your face and draw a boundary around your head, tracking each of your movements during the swing, with real time feedback when there is a broken boundary.

Steady Head Highlights

The golf training app gives you the best golf practice you could take right to the course with its idea to add pressure that you have on the course in order to stay steady and not to overswing. The app can be adjusted easily by users for all the levels of ability and swing types, based on the personal goals and preferences of the users. The four head movements, the top, bottom, right and left can be customized effortlessly through the individual settings for each movement. Based on your skill level, the swing tendencies, and the club you are hitting, the boundaries can be set accordingly.

With its simple design, the app does not require props or gadgets and you need to simply put the phone down in front of you to start practicing. Make the adjustments you want in the settings of the app and the simple interface will recognize your face, starting and stopping when needed. Choose visual and audio prompts and swing naturally. Based on ability and clubs, adjust the app and with the proven adverse-conditioning approach, get instant feedback. On the Camera Roll, get swing review.

Download it on App Store for $9.99 to train yourself and keep your head steady during your golf swing!

App Store Download Link: Steady Head


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