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Travel App of the Week – Anyride

Sunday, February 3, 2019

It can be quite difficult to find a ride quickly in your area while saving your money and time, you need the right ridesharing app. Anyride is an amazing travel app for rideshare purposes that is offering you the simplest way for you to find all rideshare providers in one place and with a tap to immediately call the best and cheapest ride of your choice. Because of all of this and more, we pronounced Anyride for our Travel App of the Week.

What is Anyride all about?

To compare prices of all rideshare providers and call any ride is the best and cheapest in matter of just few seconds, this ridesharing app offers you of that. Saving you money and time, easy to use and very useful, this travel app allow you to see all the live, exact prices from Lyft and Uber by just choosing your destination. Call the best option of your choice with just a tap on the app, without the need to open another app. Look at all exact fares and discover the cheapest ride easily and quickly.

Standout features

This compare Uber and Lyft app is offering you a few features that will help you in finding the best and cheapest ride anytime and anywhere. On the app, users can see all the exact, down-to-the-penny fares from all the rideshare providers and call any ride of their choice quickly and with just a tap on the app. All the exact prices as same as in Lyft or Uber app are available for users within the app. Just with creating an account, the user will be able to find coupons, promotions and other credit for booking the cheapest rides. Users can save their favorite rides or quickly call a ride to a recent destination without much time wasted. To discover the best rides automatically, the Quickride features allows that with only a long press on the ride and calling the ride after a five seconds countdown.

Download it for free on App Store to compare prices of rideshare providers and call any ride with a tap!

Official Website: Anyride

App Store Download Link: Anyride

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