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Password Manager of the Week - Password Boss Password Manager

Friday, February 1, 2019

Creating multiple passwords that are strong and easy to remember in the same time is almost impossible. That’s why you should try a password manager so you keep all your passwords in one place, secure and safe. Password Boss Password Manager will keep your passwords secure all inside one app and you will never again forget another password. Because of all its features, we decided this app to be our Password Manager of the Week.

What is Password Boss Password Manager all about?
The Password Boss Password Manager is especially created as a password manager for all users in need for a secure and safe app to store all their passwords in one place and log into any website of their choice without the need to enter their passwords constantly. Developed for both android and IOS users, easy to use and highly practical, the app allows users to store unlimited passwords and it helps them create unique passwords for each account to be completely safe, guaranteeing them privacy.

Standout features

This password manager app offers you to save and store your passwords all inside one app and much more features. The Digital Wallets offered on the app allow you to store all your credit cards for online checkout, no typing needed. Users can use the app to give access to anyone they like in case of emergencies. The important information of the user like his travel programs or insurance info can be easily stored with the app’s secure notes. With a single tap, users can fill in online forms. On the app, passwords for WIFI, apps and servers can be easily saved. Each user can choose anyone to share anything of his choice such as his passwords, credit cards or other info. To each one of your devices, each password is copied and when you make a chance on any device, the other devices will update automatically too. To keep your passwords safe and for you to be the only one to access your data, the app offers the Bank-Grade security. This app offers a premium version with even more features for an annual subscription of $29 per year or a multi-year subscriptions.

Download it for free on Google Play and App Store to save passwords and log in automatically anywhere!

App Store Download Link: Password Boss Password Manager

Google Play Download Link: Password Boss Password Manager

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