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Health App of the Week – Tell A Buddy

Friday, April 12, 2019

There are tons of apps designed to help us change and improve our mental health. However, if you like to save money and time in discovering the right therapist, Tell A Buddy is an incredibly efficient online counseling app that allows you to talk to professionals online to get through the situations in your life that you are facing. Because of all that the app offers we pronounced it as our Online Counselling App of the Week. Read more about it.

Quick access to relevant online counseling

Tell A Buddy is an amazing online counseling app which is developed for Android users, very easy to use and user-friendly life management tool that offers online counseling and online therapy to users in need, all offered to them by certified professionals. This app offers the ultimate way for self-improvement, helping you in your moments of psychological despair, completely discretely and with full anonymity regarding the feelings and information you share. In an easy convenient manner, get professional help by online psychologists from various fields.

Standout features

Tell a Buddy as the online life management app gives users a chance to get through any situation in their life they are facing with a quality and professional online counseling and therapy. With the help of this tool, users will find what works for them best and discover the motivation they need to continue forward. This app is useful for many life situations such as family problems, relationship problems, troubles with friends or school and much more, for all fields and age groups. Pick a private chat with a professional online therapist form mental health counseling and start the therapy process.
For users seeking just advice or opinion, users can use the group chat feature. An unlimited number of sessions are offered to each user in need. Tons of ways are offered to you to get through any issue you have, for all fields of your life. With this tool you will be able you to change and improve your overall well-being, changing and bettering your life and mental health to the better.

Download it for free on Google Play for discreet online counseling and therapy with certified professionals!

Official Website: Tell A Buddy

Google Play Download Link: Tell A Buddy


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