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Android Game of the Week – Rise Up – Save The Soul

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Tons of adventure games are available for playing on our smartphones and because of their variety, choosing the best one among so many of them is not easy. Rise Up – Save The Soul is an incredibly fun to play, thrilling and yet challenging adventure that requires from you to rise up and save your soul on the journey through the 7 circles of hell. We liked this game so much, we decided to pronounce it as our Android Game of the Week.

What is Rise Up - Save The Soul?

This exciting and yet fun to play adventure tap game is developed on Android platform, offering a magical design and fantastic background music as you play and progress through this adventure. The task that the player has in the game is to get through the 7 circles of hell in order to save his soul. Complete levels and be careful and avoid the chainsaws, demons, howls and the darkness that tries to stop you from saving your soul and getting out of the mystery world.

How to play?

Rise Up – Save the Soul with its amazing features, fun, and exciting gameplay will keep you interested in playing all the time. All you need to do is to rise up and save your soul by touching right to move the soul ball to the right and touching left to move the soul ball to the left. While you try to get through all the circles, you need to watch out for the obstacles in the mystery world that try to stop you from saving your soul. In each circle of hell, you get 5 lives to complete the levels.

Doors are put in each level that needs to be open and you need to find the key somewhere in the level to open them and finish the level. Five circles are offered in the game and you have to complete 5 levels in circle 1, 25 levels in circle 2 and the circles 3, 4 and 5 are coming soon. Get through all the 7 circles of hell and complete all levels to save the soul from the mystery world.

Download this game on Google Play now for free to rise up and save your soul from the 7 circles of hell!

Google Play Download Link: Rise Up - Save The Soul


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