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Amazing Endless Walls – the Perfect Brain Teaser Game

Friday, August 9, 2019

If you’re a gamer, then your love affair with video games probably started at the arcade. For hours and hours of your childhood, you spent your time hunched over the latest titles, inserting coins like it was going out of fashion. Would you want to relive those childhood memories with a super cool and addictive arcade game? If the answer is yes, then we present you this game called Amazing Endless Walls .

Very challenging 3D arcade game

Amazing Endless Walls is a challenging 3D arcade game that will offer a tone of fun and endless gameplay. In the same time, it will get extremely challenging as you progress further in it. Your goal is very simple. You need to roll dice around a block of dices to avoid hitting the wall. In the end, the most important thing is your high score. See if you can set one that will be impossible to beat!

Be quick and smart to solve the upcoming walls

This is a real brain teaser game that will help you train your brain. You have to be quick and smart to roll the dice accordingly to the shape of the wall. Every second count! You can collect coins that will help you to continue after you hit the dices into the wall.
Download the 3d avoid blocks game right now and play for hours to get a higher score.

App Store Download Link: Amazing Endless Walls

Google Play Download Link: Amazing Endless Walls


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