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Health & Fitness App of the Week - Fundies

Monday, August 26, 2019

Fundies was reviewed by the team of Intellectuapp few days ago. Since this Health and Fitness app impressed us with its usability and the fact that it can literally improve the health of our users, we decided to give it another appraisal. Read more why this handy food journaling app is our Health & Fitness App of the Week.

What is Fundies?

Fundies is an iOS food journaling and meal tracker app that focuses to help you live a healthier life. Unlike the complicated food journaling apps, Fundies makes it super easy for the users by categorizing the meal journal entries in 3 simple categories: positive, neutral & negative.
Logging your meals is super easy and important for your streaks. So, positive meal (example salad, lean meat, veggies etc.) will keep your streak going. Negative meal (ex. hamburger or a bag of chips) will stop your streak. Neutral meal (salad, lean meat and pomfrit with ketchup) will not influence your streak.

Simple system to keep you going

This simple system motivates users to create more positive streaks and climb ranks by eating healthy. So if you are all for a simple meal logger that will keep you motivated and lead you to a healthy lifestyle – Fundies is it!

App Store Download Link: Fundies


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