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Space Fighter 3 is a New Android Space Craft Shooting Quest

Monday, September 30, 2019

Looking for a new space craft shooting game on mobile? Well, you need to read our review today! We’ll cover one of the best new spacecrafts shooting games – Space Fighter 3. Let’s see why we recommend it.

What is Space Fighter 3?

Space Fighter 3 is an android space shooter which brings the best features from the classic spacecraft shooting and aero plane shooting games on Android. The game features mesmerizing graphics and high-quality gameplay, detailing and is super fun to play.


Space Fighter 3 is based on battle shooting against other enemies. The enemies are spacecrafts and boss spaceships, all with different powers and skills (you can tap on the spaceships to see their abilities). However, one of the key features of Space Fighter 3 is the ability to transform from mech to jet mode and vice versa depending the situation. 

Additionally, the Space Fighter 3 counts your kills and accomplishments. So always try to do better and improve your rankings. It will also bring you more credits, which you can use to upgrade the spaceship’s skills and destroy your enemies faster.

Our verdict – 4.6/5.0

All in all this a fun space shooting quest that may offer you hours of entertainment. It is available offline, meaning you can play it on the go. And we really loved the whole ambience created by a the great audio-visual work from the designers and developers.

Space Fighter 3 launched recently and it is available on Google Play for free!

Google Play Download Link: Space Fighter 3

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