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Most Useful App of the Week – iQuotes

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A few days ago, we covered iQuotes, and it impressed us with its large quotes library and the way it can influence people’s lives. That’s why we decided to give it another well-earned appraisal, this time as our Most Useful App of the Week. Let’s see how it can help you.

Get inspired with iQuotes

iQuotes is a quotes and sayings app for motivation and inspiration seekers who are searching for good and profound wisdom and sayings. It’s a source of quotes that will lift you up and will fuel your life with positive energy.

How Can You Make Use of It

This quotes app has simple user interface and a fast performance. What’s even better the app provides with over 500,000+ quotes and sayings from over 20,000+ authors and over 1000+ topics that you can use as a daily motivation or inspiration to make a change in your and the life’s of other people (to your close friends, family or colleagues). All quotes you discover can be shared via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or share them via SMS, email etc.

Browsing through the app we can note that the devs did a great job in organizing the way you get to the quotes. It’s so easy and intuitive and you can easily browse through many quotes quickly. You can set daily quotes notifications, favorite quotes or favorite topics for later viewing.

iQuotes is indeed a well-made quotes app. A large number of incredible thoughts and sayings are waiting to be discovered and maybe you can make them more popular by sharing it with more people.

If you’re interested in iQuotes then visit the Play Store link where you can download and start using our Most Useful App of the Week right now.

Google Play Download Link: iQuotes


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