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Video App of the Month - Vloggah

Friday, November 29, 2019

A few days ago, we reviewed Vloggah. This amazing platform impressed us with its features to edit, share and view video blogs. For that reason and because of its uniqueness we decided to make it our Video App of the Month.

What is Vloggah?

Vloggah is a vlogging app for all of you active vloggers to improve your work or for vlogging fans that are looking for new vlogging content. Trim and edit your vlogs with ease and use it as your vlogging editor, vlog maker and vlog camera app to post live videos or already recorded videos on your vlog channel. Also use it as a platform to create your channel where you can post unique video material, grow audience and become a vlog star.

Who can use it?

Vloggah is perfect for beginners interested in this online industry with dreams to become the next big vlog star, but also is perfect source for all of you fans of exploring, watching and consuming the finest vlog videos in different categories from sport vlogs and family vlogs, to personal and fashion vlogs etc. Other activities that this app offer are connecting and communicating with other users or vloggers share your comment on their media etc.
More info about Vloggah you can find on the App Store or Google Play Store link from down below where you can also download it for free if you find interested in.

App Store Download Link: Vloggah
Google Play Download Link: Vloggah
Website: Vloggah


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