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Tap Game of the Month - Pick Color

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Pick Color was introduced here as fun and addictive color match tapper that will put on test your reflexes and focus as you try to match the colors and get the square through the barrier. Because we enjoyed this game and all the features it's offering, we decided to be our Tap Game of the Month. Read more about it. 

What is Pick Color?
Pick Color is one simple, addictive, and fun color matching game that is developed for Android users. With amazing graphics and sound effects, this game offers an easy to play yet challenging gameplay that will put on test your focus, reflexes and reactions. Try to match the colors so the square can pass through the barriers and see how much you can score in the color tap and color swap quest.

Why Do We Love It?
This game will challenge your fast reactions and you focus while you try to switch the color on time so the square can pass through. All you need to do is to match the rectangle color with the bouncy cube color. The cube is bouncing from the top to bottom in this color shift challenge and for the cube to pass the barrier and get to the other side needs to be the same color as the rectangle. 

With simple tap controls the rectangles in the barrier and swap the color in the right moment to earn your points. See for how long you can get the cube through the barrier and how much you can score. This game can help you enhance your focus, training your reflexes to maintain sharpness while having fun playing.

Download the game now on Google Play to switch and match the colors to pass the barrier!
Google Play Download Link: Pick Color


Tap Game of the Month - Pick Color

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