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App of the Day – BuddySpace

Monday, June 29, 2020

Looking for a network that will put you and your talents on the spotlight? A place to discover the most popular content and connect with talented people? Look no more. We came across one amazing social networking app that offers all this and more. That’s why we decided to make this app our App of the Day. Read more about Buddy Space.

What is BuddySpace?
BuddySpace is a great social networking app that is developed for Android users, designed as a platform that will put you in the spotlight. With clean user-friendly interface, the app helps you discover content and it ranks posts based on the number of likes they get, showing you the best on the top. Discover talented people, showcase your talent, share and find amazing content from around the world. 

Why Do We Love It?
This app allows you to connect with people, share and discover content. Add anything to the ‘’world feed’’ to make it visible worldwide. Based on your location you can connect with people easily. Filter posts and get the posts sorted by number of likes to see the best posts on global level or in your current country or city. The app uses a ranking system to rank posts based on popularity. More is your content is like, better your chances to be discovered by the world. 

Each posts lasts for 24 hours and then it disappears, keeping the feed from overcrowding and giving way for new posts. You can post anything you like, from images to video formats, interesting news and facts, anything that showcases your talents. Posts are sorted by time and you can choose to limit posts to only followers or make them public. Get real-time notifications to stay updated with activities on your posts and profile. Discover new people using the search feature and follow the people you like.

Download the app now on Google Play to showcase your talent and discover talented people!
Google Play Download Link: BuddySpace


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