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Monkey Major – The Super Fun Adventure and Floor Breaker Game

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Tons of adventure games are available for smartphones, making the search for a new fun and exciting adventure to play on the go, harder. That’s why we decided to look and help you find an adventure game you will enjoy. We came across one super fun and exciting adventure game that will take you on a crazy jungle quest. Read more about Monkey Major.

What is Monkey Major?
Monkey Major is a super fun jungle adventure game that is developed for Android users, with exciting jump and floor breaker gameplay to enjoy. With stunning graphics and exciting sound effects, this game offers you to explore the jungle, jump and break floors and help the monkey on his quest to save the animals from the jungle fire. See how long you can go in this crazy jungle jump game.

Why Do We Love It?
This jungle adventure game is easy to play with simple swipe controls. All you need to do is to jump and swipe down to break a floor. Help the monkey save everyone from the fire by jumping, going down and getting through platforms. Hop and collect all the coins on the way. Tons of coins and bananas are put on your journey and the coins you collect can be used in the game’s shop for upgrading the monkey character. 

Meet cool animals and avoid the jungle enemies like crabs and spiders. Get and use power-ups like magnets to help you attract more coins. More power-ups are added as you progress. Stay on the adventure for as long as you can and collect coins to win the highest scores in the game.

Download the game now on Google Play to help the monkey on his jungle quest!
Google Play Download Link: Monkey Major


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