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Educational Game of the Month – SpellBeeStar

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

SpellBeeStar is one fun kids learning game where kids get to enjoy one interactive learning experience, playing and learning to spell, learning word definitions and improving their vocabulary. Because we really enjoyed this game and all the features it offers, we decided to be our Educational Game of the Month. 

Basic Introduction
This spelling game for kids is easy and fun, helping kids learn how to spell words, learning meaning of words and improve their vocabulary. Developed on the IOS platform, the game offers one fun spelling bee experience with many users from the whole world. The interactive learning experience will help kids learn to spell fast and easy through many fun and creative competitions.

Functions, Levels, and More
SpellBeeStar is offering an audible function that makes the e-learning effortless. It will spell the words and then push kids to spell as fast as they can and the players that reply quickly will stay in the game longer as they try to win the game before the other competitors. When a word is misspelled the app lets you know so you can work and improve it. At least 2 participant are required in a spell bee event and 20 participants at most. 

If you don’t want to compete you can train against virtual players and you can use the spelling test and the study mode function to challenge your spelling abilities in a simulated classroom settings. In the study mode only partial words need to be spelled and with the spelling test a whole word. Choose between 3 skill levels available and use the hints with definition of words to help you through the game. Kids get to have fun and compete while improving their vocabulary and learning to spell.

Download it on App Store to let your kid learn to spell words through fun and creativity!

Official Website: SpellBeeStar
App Store Download Link: SpellBeeStar


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