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Esteban Go – Test Your Reflexes and Try to Save All the Animals

Thursday, July 30, 2020

For all players that enjoy playing casual games on their smartphone, there are hundreds of games available for your smartphone. These games are quite easy and fun to play and yet in the same time will push you and challenge your skills. We looked and we found one super fun casual bounce game to test your skills and reflexes. Read and learn more about Esteban Go.

What is Esteban Go?
Esteban Go is a super fun casual bounce game that is developed for Android users. Easy to play and exciting, this game offers great sharp graphics and cool sounds effects to enjoy while you put your skills and reflexes to the test. Help the silly hamster on his quest to save his animal friends from the Evil Animal Corporation, collect coins, win scores and much more in this casual bounce game.

Why Do We Love It?
This game offers one addictive but challenging gameplay that will test your reflexes and skills as you try to save the animals from the evil corporation. Your task in this game is to help the hamster save all his animal friends one by one. Move left and right using your finger to move the hamster to bounce all the animals to safety. 

The moment when you fail to bounce one animal, the game ends. Longer you stay in the game, higher the scores. Bounce and save animals and stay in the game as long as possible to win high scores and climb high on the game’s leaderboard. Collect coins as you play and use those coins to unlock new outfits for the hamster in the game.

Download the game now on Google Play to test your reflexes and try to save all the animals!
Google Play Download Link: Esteban Go


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