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App Review – DirtSpotter

Thursday, September 24, 2020


Anyone looking to sell or find trucks that haul dirt, quarries, dumps and dirt can easily do that using the right app. With this kind of app you will make sure you control your project the right way while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. That’s why we looked and found the app that gives you access to all of this in real time. Read and learn more about it.  


Basic Introduction 

This is efficient business platform created especially for people looking to find or sell dirt, trucks, quarries, and dumps. Developed on the IOS platform, this app offers an effortless and simple way for you to reduce costs, make money and increase the efficiency. With a clean user-friendly interface, all you need is to sign up and start to control your project.  


Find, Sell, and More 

DirtSpotter with its features makes it simple for you to control your project without wasting much time, increase the efficiency, make more money and reduce any unnecessary costs. If you’re looking to find or sell dirt, quarries, dumps, and trucks, the app will give you access in real time to up to 12 different types of dirt, 6 types of trucks, 3 types of quarries and dumps. 


With the app’s help, with just a tap on your phone you’ll instantly get information such as who has dirt or who needs dirt, who needs or has trucks that haul dirt too.  


Download it on App Store to get real time access to dirt, quarries, dumps, and trucks!  

App Store Download Link: DirtSpotter 


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