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Game of the Day – Most Likely To

Monday, February 22, 2021

Party games are quite popular among people that like to try something different, exciting and wild with their guests on parties. There are tons of these games available for smartphones as well. If you are looking for a super fun party game with insane dares and questions to add life to your parties, we found the game for you. Read and learn more about it.  


Basic Introduction 

This party adult game is super fun and designed for fun loving adults that like to spark wild conversations on their parties and try something wild with their guests. Developed on the Android platform, the game has smooth swiping action and many trivia categories as well as unique cards in each collection to add life to any party. Have unforgettable parties with your friends.  


Cards, Questions, Dares and More 

Most Likely To has an appealing secret collection of cards for bold and fun-loving adults. It’s simple to play and there is an exciting card collection for every category you choose. You only need to pick a most likely to card, read the question out loud and on the count of 3 everyone on the party needs to pick a person that’s most likely to do that statement. 

You get to explore over 1000 party questions in this game. Turn on the dirty talk dares to have double fun playing and even mix decks and dares as you like. View the playing card and after answering it just swipe up. Discover your friend’s dirty tendencies and quirky personality playing this game. The game is adult intended only.  

Download it on Google Play to spark fun and wild conversations with your guests!  

Google Play Download Link: Most Likely To 


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