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Top Apps You Must Have in 2021

Friday, October 1, 2021

A super-handy list of useful apps for both iOS and Android. Turn 2021 into a positive and a happy year even in these trying times.



Stych allows you to record videos and upload them on the app to keep them in chronological order as video memories. The app is perfect to record and keep important moments in your life, as well as the lives of the people you love such as your partner, kids, parents and friends.

Google Play Download Link: Stych

Social Links of the App:


Roaster Earn

Roaster Earn is an earning app that is developed for Android users. Easy to use with a user-friendly interface, this app offers you the chance to earn real rewards without much effort. Play simple fun games, complete quick tasks, solve questions and more to win points and redeem those points for real rewards with this app. 

Official Website: Roaster Earn  

Google Play Download Link: Roaster Earn 


Beef Cuts 3D


Beef Cuts 3D gives you a stunning steak guide which allows you to make uniformed decisions when buying beef steaks. With stunning 3D visual steak guide, as well as descriptions, recipes and direct shopping links, it’s a must have for all meat and BBQ lovers.

 App Store Download Link: Beef Cuts 3D


Tell-Shop is a shopping app developed for Android users. Easy to use with clean user-friendly interface, this app is designed as a minority business map for people looking to discover minority owned businesses across the USA. This app offers you a simple and quick way to find and support minority owned business by shopping locally.  

Official Website: Tell-Shop  

Google Play Download Link: Tell-Shop 




We love unique ideas. An Ubetalk is most certainly a good idea. This 24/7 drivers chat app is easy to use with clean user-friendly interface, offering drivers the chance to connect and chat with other drivers on the road. Developed for iOS, the chat is made by drivers for drivers, local and funny, offering drivers a place to roam around while staying connected with drivers, chatting, and more importantly staying entertained.

Official Website: Ubetalk  

App Store Download Link: Ubetalk


Forekash is a new future-focused budgeting app that gives an accurate cash flow forecast for up to 1 year. Unlike most budgeting apps, it is focused on planning and privacy, since it gives cashflow forecasts without you having to connect the app to your bank accounts.

Google Play Download Link: Forekash

App Store Download Link: Forekash

Website: Forekash


The Collective

 The  Collective is an iOS & Android UK-based loyalty cards app that enables users to save loyalty cards in one place with one big barcode. Additionally, users can make their own loyalty cards, share them with their customers, or get employees, friends and family to share the cards for them. The app is completely free.

App Store Download Link: The Collective

Google Play Download Link: The Collective

Website: The Collective




Rewire is an affirmation app that is developed for Android users. Easy to use and user-friendly, this app can help you think up positive by listening to positive daily audio affirmations to get you motivated. Become a successful person, reach all your goals and dreams and make your life better in every aspect. It will help you to love yourself, train your brain, boost your personal growth and confidence.

Official Website: Rewire
Google Play Download Link: Rewire


This clothes selling app is convenient, easy to use with user-friendly interface. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, this is a network of independent pro sellers that can help you and sell your clothes for you. The Pro Sellers on this app will handle pricing, listing, negotiating with buyers, packing and shipping the items for you.

Official Website: Flyp  

App Store Download Link: Flyp  

Google Play Download Link: Flyp




This freelance app is easy to use and user-friendly, designed for anyone that offers any kind of freelance work, both local and remote. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, this business app is free for anyone, offering you the chance to get the work done for your customers, work on your own to grow your business and make money. You can also book freelancers with ease.

Discord: DGNT

App Store Download Link: DGNT   

Google Play Download Link: DGNT

Gift World

This app is a mix of two amazing ideas, a social CRM and a gift shop. Developed on the IOS platform and soon available on Android too, it’s easy to use with intuitive interface. It will help you manage and enhance your social relationships and easily send gifts. With Gift World you will never forget again to keep with people and special dates. This will improve your social life and relationships with both friends and family. 

Official Website: Gift World   

App Store Download Link: Gift World  




A daily life programming app for you to program your brain for the life you want. It’s one of the best personal growth apps that can help you become your own guru, reach all of your goals, and gain control over every aspect of your life with daily messages that use triggers.

Official Website: Ultamize  

App Store Download Link: Ultamize   

Google Play Download Link: Ultamize



This new psychic platform allows users to book psychics, astrologists, tarot card readings, reiki readings and more. All psychic profiles have descriptions, reviews, pricing which makes Temple Bliss transparent and trustworthy. Additionally, psychics and advisors can easily create profiles and sell their expertise online. If you are looking for psychic readings, life and relationship advice, Temple Bliss is a must-try.

Google Play Download Link: Temple Bliss

App Store Download Link: Temple Bliss


Visual Search Engine


This web tool is convenient and easy to use, really user-friendly and intuitive. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, it offers a simple way for you to navigate the web with ease. With this web search engine, you will navigate the web much faster, with ease. It has a visual navigation experience according to relevance strengths and cluster related results together. 

Official Website: Visual Search Engine  

App Store Download Link: Visual Search Engine  

Google Play Download Link: Visual Search Engine



This medical app is user-friendly and convenient providing you with drug and medical information that pharmaceutical companies need to convey and health care providers require. Developed on the IOS platform, this digital platform will give you all valuable information and resources available in one place within one app. 

Official Website: Docformative   

App Store Download Link: Docformative


Call of the Wild


Call of the Wild is a video ringtone app that is developed for Android users. It’s an easy to use and entertaining app that offers you the chance to bring your cellphone to life. It’s fun for people of all ages that would like to personalize their phones and replace the two-dimensional images in their contacts with animated videos. 

Google Play Download Link: Call of the Wild 



This token social network is the unofficial mobile app that is created for the Discussions community. Developed on the IOS platform, easy to use and user-friendly, this platform is fostering communication and community building. The app simplifies the interaction process with blockchain technology and will provide its users with a full decentralized experience.  

Official Website: Discussions.app  

App Store Download Link: Discussions.app

Appovum VPN


Appovum VPN is an ultra-fast free VPN app that is developed for Android users. It’s easy to use, safe, and secure with phone booster, battery saver, and CPU cooler additions, all inside one app no matter where you are. It will allow you to keep your phone secured by using a proxy in a safe manner. This app uses 100% free proxy with unlimited bandwidth, super-fast, and high Internet speed.  

Official Website: Appovum VPN  

Google Play Download Link: Appovum VPN 



A convenient personal safety app for you to keep yourself and your loved ones safe at all times. It’s one of the best personal safety apps for you to send SOS messages with a tap to your loved ones in case of emergencies. With location sharing, auto recording, fake calls it is one of the most complete personal safety apps of 2021.

Official Website: Sahas  

Google Play Download Link: Sahas



This reliable tool is easy to use and user-friendly, offering the chance for researchers and the general public that wants to participate in researches to connect with each other. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, this app offers a convenient way for researchers to find participants and collect data and for participants to be a part of researchers and earn some money for it.  

Official Website: Conre  

App Store Download Link: Conre  

Google Play Download Link: Conre


 Use Birthday Bit Music & Never Be Boring In your Birthday Wishes Again



Birthday Bit Music is an innovative birthday video maker that is developed for Android users. Easy to use, this video maker helps you convert photos into great effect videos. It will help you wish a happy birthday to someone in a unique way with innovative creations and particle effects. Use many different creative themes and songs to make a someone’s birthday special. 

Google Play Download Link: Birthday Bit Music 






This financial platform offers you a simplified way to stocks and options trading and gives you access to the financial market. It packs all the trading tools for trading enthusiast as well as professional traders. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, no matter the knowledge or experience you have, this is an AI and deep machine learning-powered platform with total financial inclusiveness.  

Official Website: Vaultdax  

App Store Download Link: Vaultdax  

Google Play Download Link: Vaultdax




Want a new innovative app to follow the news? This news app is designed for getting the latest breaking news updates and latest news stories from around India. It’s developed on the IOS and Android platform, easy to use and user-friendly, offering you daily India news in both video and audio format. Using this app, you get to stay updated with the latest Indian news and real-life stories in both Hindi and English. 


Official Website: NewsBulb  

App Store Download Link: NewsBulb  

Google Play Download Link: NewsBulb





This meal tracker is reliable and convenient, really easy to use and intuitive. Developed on IOS and Android platform, this meat tracker offers you the ability to track and reduce your meat consumption. It has a dark mode available and few widgets to choose from. It’s designed as a diary for your diet, allowing you to keep an overview of your meat consumption and stay healthy. 


Official Website: meatless  

App Store Download Link: meatless  

Google Play Download Link: meatless




Тhis social platform for Among US online gamers helps you find your perfect gaming squat ready to play at all times. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, this social network gives you a fast, reliable, and easy way to get matched with verified and friendly teammates with 3 easy clicks match-up. Get matched with the right crewmates and save time looking for the right gaming friends.

Official Website: SQUAB  

App Store Download Link: SQUAB  

Google Play Download Link: SQUAB



Business Card Maker; Visiting Card Maker



Business Card Maker: Visiting Card Maker is a professional business card designer that is developed for Android users. Easy to use, this business card making app allows you to design and make professional business cards without much effort. Send business cards during a phone call with ease using this app. Without any ads to bother you, this app comes with a user guide.  
Your Skill Set 

This is a professional job training platform that can help you in getting a skill-based job training by experienced professionals. Developed on IOS and Android platform, this training hub can help you progress in your career and gain the knowledge, skills, and experience with different on-demand courses. Learn online to upgrade your skills and get your dream job.  


Official Website: Your Skill Set  

App Store Download Link: Your Skill Set  

Google Play Download Link: Your Skill Set  



This voting information app is free and non-partisan, committed to increase your voter awareness. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, this app offers comprehensive non-partisan information for your voter research in a safe environment. Easily register to vote, check your voter status, get fresh information and more using this tool. 

Official Website: InfoVote  

App Store Download Link: InfoVote  

Google Play Download Link: InfoVote 

Bella Beauty Assistant

An interactive beauty assistant that gives you personalized beauty advice based on products you own or products that flatter you. It’s one of the most innovative beauty and skincare apps that gives you personalized makeup looks, advice, and skincare routines.    


Official Website: Bella  

App Store Download Link: Bella

Manifest law of attraction app

This is a powerful law of attraction practice app that will fill your life with positive thoughts and manifestation. Developed on the Android & IOS platform, the app is intuitive and easy to use and will help you manifest the goals and desires you have. It offers the best manifest goals and law of attraction meditation for you to attract the things you want.

Official Website: Manifest law of attraction app  

App Store Download Link: Manifest law of attraction app 

Google Play Download Link: Best Law of attraction app (The secret) - Manifest

Mortgage Pal 
Тhis mortgage calculator is easy to use but powerful all in one tool to help you save on your mortgage. Developed on the IOS platform, the app gives you the chance to calculate your mortgage or loan payments and make smarter mortgage decisions. The app includes a mortgage payment and mortgage affordability calculator and all the current mortgage trends and rates. 

Official Website: Mortgage Pal  

App Store Download Link Mortgage Pal




SmartDaddy is a reliable parental control app for your kid’s online safety that is developed for Android users. With an intuitive and easy to use interface, this monitoring app offers real time online protection for your kids, anytime and anywhere. You will be able to track your kid’s location live as well as to monitor and block any inappropriate websites and apps.

Official Website: SmartDaddy  

Google Play Download Link: SmartDaddy   


This revolutionary AI background remover and AR image viewer is combining the power of AI and AR for easily grabbing, copying, and saving any object without a background. Developed on IOS and Android platform, the app allows you to visualise how objects would look in any environment. You can grab any object, save it as a photo, remove the background in real time and view it in AR.  

Official Website: GRAB AR  

App Store Download Link: GRAB AR   

Google Play Download Link: GRAB AR  




This is an Instagram analytics tool, an all in one influencer and creator toolkit that will help you grow your followers base, make money and increase your influencer’s potential. Developed on IOS and Android platform, the app gives a detailed followers tracker, analytics and insights reports for getting more followers, likes, keep track of un-followers and much more, all in one place. 


Official Website: SLVR  

App Store Download Link: SLVR  

Google Play Download Link: SLVR
Go Viral


This video platform is the place for you to discover interesting video content or create your own video content to share with others. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, this app is simple to use and offers variety of tools for you to view and capture many daily moments. Enjoy sharing your own videos and have fun watching videos customized specifically for you.  

Official Website: Go Viral  

App Store Download Link: Go Viral  

Google Play Download Link: Go Viral


This lifestyle app is designed as your own legal diary & will manager offering you the chance to pass information important to you and etch your name in your loved one’s hearts forever to make sure your legacy stays remembered long after you’re gone. Developed on both IOS and Android users, the app will help you look after all stuff you probably have forgotten about. 

Official Website: Blackbox  

App Store Download Link: Blackbox  

Google Play Download Link: Blackbox

This lifestyle app is easy to use and super convenient for users that like to save a lot of time that they usually spend waiting in long lines. Developed on the IOS platform with clean user-friendly interface, the app uses crowdsourcing, queue theory and Linechecker street teams to share real time updates on waiting lines with users, keeping you updated and stopping you from wasting time on waiting. 

Official Website: Linechecker
App Store Download Link: Linechecker 


This is a convenient business marketplace that is suitable for both professionals offering services and customers looking for services. Developed on both IOS and Android platform, this paid video chat marketplace is great for experts, professionals, artists, influencers, freelancers and consultants to find customers as well for customers to connect with professionals and request services.  

Official Website: Meet
App Store Download Link: Meet
Google Play Download Link: Meet


iRecorder is a stable high-quality screen recorder and video recorder that is developed for Android users as an easy to use and convenient screen recording and screen capture tool. Record screen and record videos with ease, just with a tap. 

Official Website: iRecorder
Google Play Download Link: iRecorder

Flyp - Sell Your Clothes


If you are looking to sell clothes & earn money, this is the best app to sell clothes without much effort or time  Developed on IOS platform, the app is simple to use with a user-friendly interface, and it offers the chance to sell your used clothes, shoes or handbags. With the help of this app you get to earn and clean your wardrobe while letting sellers do the job for you and sell your clothes for you.

Official Website: Flyp

App Store Download Link: Flyp

Best Before 

Best Before is a convenient food tracker that is developed for Android users, for all people that would like to manage their food efficiently, from product purchase to storage and consumption. Easy to use with friendly UI, this app gives you the tools you need to get the whole lifecycle of your food products in one place so you stop wasting food and start saving money. 

Google Play Download Link: Best Before

WebsiteBest Before

Baby Sense

This baby health app is designed as a baby tracker and baby planner for all parents to make each step of their baby’s development simpler and more enjoyable. Developed for IOS & Android, the app can help you in guiding your baby in a flexible sleep routine and feed. All the knowledge, advanced tools and guide books are put together in one app, at reach in your pocket in every step of your baby’s growth. 

Official Website: Parent Sense
App Store Download Link: Parent Sense

Google Play Download Link: Parent Sense

Zen Lounge

This mindfulness app is easy to use with a clean intuitive interface offering to help in relieving stress, depression, anxiety and overall improve your mental well-being with wide selection of meditation sounds. 

Official Website: Zen Lounge
App Store Download Link: Zen Lounge
Google Play Download Link: Zen Lounge

Rocky is a new self-help app featuring guided journaling for all entrepreneurs, talents, business owners, high performers, motivated people, managers and all people that like to practice mindfulness, sharpen their leadership skills and self-reflect on their days. It helps you improve with innovative guided journaling and tips to practice your soft-skills. Developed on both IOS and Android platform, with Rocky you can improve your soft skills and master reflective thinking to never fall of the track.  

Official Website: Rocky
App Store Download Link: Rocky
Google Play Download Link: Rocky


Socialize it’s an amazing dating app that is developed for Android users, easy to use with a clean user-friendly interface.This app offers you the chance to discover new people and make new friends, to connect with them to chat and even go live. It’s an ideal platform for you to discover new interesting people to date or even to make new friends, connecting and having fun. 

Google Play Download Link: Socialize


Muslim TTS

Muslim TTS is an excellent Islamic app that is developed for Android users that offers you to have a Quibla finder and Qibla compass, discover Muslim prayer times, Azan time, reminder and prayer tracker, timings, and more all in one place. It’s quite easy to use with a clean user-friendly interface to keep you connected with God and it will be handy for all your activities.

Official Website: Muslim TTS
Google Play Download Link: Muslim TTS


This is a VPN server, highly secure proxy master for all users that want to safely connect to any web or mobile app by encrypting their data. Developed on the IOS platform, the app is easy to use and fully automated to securely connect you to the internet across any country, hiding your IP address while you browse the Internet anonymously, protecting your password, credit card numbers and bank accounts. 
Official Website: RYN VPN
App Store Download Link: RYN VPN

PickMeApp Services Light

This global platform for professional services can be used by service seekers that look to book professional services and by service providers that look to find new clients and grow their business. Developed on both IOS and Android platform with intuitive UI, this is marketplace for services from different categories for you to find and book with ease. 

Official Website: PickMeApp Services Light
App Store Download Link: PickMeApp Services Light
Google Play Download Link: PickMeApp Services Light


Ulassa is an iOS & Android planning poker app that acts as a mobile effort estimation tool for an agile environment. It’s used by remote agile teams to estimate the complexity of tasks together by voting for complexity using the planning poker concept. With its innovative features, Ulassa quickly became one of the must-have tools for agile projects.
App Store Download Link: Ulassa
Google Play Download Link: Ulassa
Official website & 14 day free trial: Ulassa
Property Claim

Property Claim is a new property claim app for adjusting services and legal representation. The app is quite simple to use and it’s developed for Android users, more specific for the State of Florida in USA. Users can use this app to submit their property claims directly to the office of Dennis Gonzalez Jr and one of the attorneys will contact you in a day to start your claim.    

Official Website: Property Claim
Google Play Download Link: Property Claim

DisSolve is a light cube solving app with 3D demonstration. This app is developed for Android users, simple to use and straight forward with various features to enjoy. With DisSolve users can train their brain and better your cube solving skills. Just try to solve the cube with the app’s help and find the easiest and quickest solution to solve all sides of the cube.

Google Play Download Link: DisSolve


This marketplace for on demand services is designed especially for service seekers and service providers looking to connect with each other, to offer their services or seek service providers to hire on demand. Ubii is a powerful platform, easy to use with advanced technology that could help both parties to easily and quickly discover thousands of services to hire or offer all within one app.

Official Website: UBII
App Store Download Link: UBII
Google Play Download Link: UBII


This teen job marketplace is developed for both Android and IOS users, very reliable and safe for parents to use it to discover flexible gigs for their teens or to find trusted help for your day to day tasks. Kumbaya App offers a clean user-friendly interface and variety of features for finding hourly gigs for teens within their parents’ network and many job opportunities for care services. The app is for parents only.

Official Website: Kumbaya App
App Store Download Link: Kumbaya App
Google Play Download Link: Kumbaya App

Expert Betting Tips

 Expert Betting Tips is developed for Android users, created by a team of passionate football experts, as a sports betting app for all fans of football and betting that like to get the best out of every match and bet with increased chances of winning. Great betting tips, big odds and high win probability is offered within the app that offers you the chance to bet smart with better chances of winning.

Google Play Download Link: Expert Betting Tips


With this online marketplace designed as classifieds and developed for both Android and IOS users that want easily buy and sell online to others within their community or even discover services around them. findThat is simple with a clean user-friendly interface which offers international users a chance as well to search and discover items by countries with the best deals overseas. Buy, make money and advertise.

Official Website: findThat
App Store Download Link: findThat
Google Play Download Link: findThat


This invite mobile application is the first-ever rsvp app that allows you to send and receive unlimited invitations to friends and family effortlessly, without much time wasted. Developed for both Android and IOS users, the app is quite simple and can work as a scheduling app, event organizer, meeting scheduler and booking app to help you organize your social life and remind you of events.  

Official Website: RSVP’d
App Store Download Link: RSVP’d
Google Play Download Link: RSVP’d


With amazing design and a clean user-friendly interface, this Dubai grocery shop app offers you a wide range of quality and fresh grocery items for you to shop with just a tap and get them delivered to you. A wide range of deals and offers are available daily so you will always be able to shop at the most reasonable prices. Save time and money while enhancing your lifestyle and food habits. 

Official Website: Zypermart
App Store Download Link: Zypermart
Google Play Download Link: Zypermart


On this service platform for both clients and providers, you will enjoy a convenient clean interface with a variety of features available. Developed for both Android and IOS users, TaskEngine is linking taskers and clients that need someone to do their daily chores. Book services 24/7 from a wide range of tasks in different categories available or search for jobs as a tasker to earn money.

Official Website: TaskEngine
App Store Download Link: TaskEngine
Google Play Download Link: TaskEngine


Hyde is an app hider designed especially for Android users that want to hide applications like Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp on their smartphones. With its simplicity and convenient user-friendly UI, this app allows you to hide any app on your phone while being hidden so no one knows you use it. Choose the apps you want to hide and set patterns for them.

Google Play Download Link: Hyde

Echo Radio
Listen to online radio on your mobile and enjoy a huge variety of online radio stations and programs from the whole world, with this online radio app for both IOS and Android users. Echo Radio requires no registration, stream music instantly and without any interruption, catch up with in-demand and popular tunes and stations with high-quality and clarity.

App Store Download Link: Echo Radio
Google Play Download Link: Echo Radio
Tips Bucket 


For both fans and artists, Tips Bucket is an essential music platform with advanced features and a friendly interface. Developed for IOS users, the music app is a solution for fans to discover live music, request songs, and tip artists and for artists to promote their music and engage with fans, selling their merchandise and getting more tips.

Official Website: Tips Bucket
App Store Download Link: Tips Bucket

EX Sports

EX Sports is a digital sports platform created for all sports fans that are looking for a simple and effective way to sell, buy and trade digital sports collectibles. This sports app is for Android users and it will be soon available for IOS users too. With its advanced features, high-quality design and the variety of sports available on it, EX Sports is suitable for collectors, sports fans and athletes.

Official Website: EX Sports
Google Play Download Link: EX Sports
 Harmony Mindfulness

This mindfulness app it’s offering you a personal guide for you to improve your mental health, develop your well-being. Developed on the IOS platform, the app offers customizable courses for you to grow awareness and calmness. Rewire your brain with key techniques and be guided to happiness with clear descriptions and unique illustrations.

Official Website: Harmony Mindfulness

App Store Download Link: Harmony Mindfulness


If you are looking for a way to quit weed or just take a tolerance break, Grounded the quit weed app developed for both Android and IOS users can help you reach your goal and keep you motivated. The resources and tools offered on this easy to use app suitable for people on all sides of the 420 spectra can help you transform your life.

App Store Download Link: Grounded
Google Play Download Link: Grounded

Talkboy is a “digital” replica of a cassette player that allows its users to record audio, tune the speed with the rewind and fast forward buttons and send the recordings via social media to friends and family.

Google Play Download Link: Talkboy

App Store Download Link:  Talkboy


Seemile is educational app which helps you learn Korean language, speaking and spelling in an easy and fun way - through animation. It helps you also to learn and organize the basic structure of the language so you can reduce the difficulties in the learning process. 

Google Play Download Link: Seemile

App Store Download Link: Seemile

Official Website: https://www.seemile.com/


OOTD, Outfit Ideas - Bluepreen

OOTD, Outfit ideas - Bluepreen is a fashion platform where users can post outlooks and get ideas, comments, votes or suggestions that may help you pick the best outfit. Additionally, the app serves as a platform for fashionistas to showcase their best styles, and give their opinion on other users outfits.

App Store Download Link: OOTD, Outfit ideas - Bluepreen


TOTLE is an IOS and Android popular trending media and digital tokens app part of the TOTLE Merchantnetwork. The app is neatly divided into two completely separate segments which can offer different benefits.

App Store Download Link: TOTLE

Google Play Download Link: TOTLE

Website: TOTLE

Drunk Locker

Drunk Locker is an android app locker app which lets you add unlocking challenges, thus preventing you to use the locked apps when drunk. 

Google Play Download Link: Drunk Locker



At its core, QAS KID STORE is a high-quality online kids clothing and accessories shopping app. It offers both girls and boys clothing options, as well as baby clothing. This makes it ideal for parents, grandparents or anyone who wants to buy high-quality clothes for their kids.

App Store Download Link: QAS KID STORE

Google Play Download Link: QAS KID STORE


Soccer Predictor Leagues

Soccer Predictor Leagues an exciting, fun to play and yet challenging soccer prediction game which will test your knowledge of European, US, Asian and African football as well for your soccer prediction skills. This sports soccer game is developed on android platform, offering all soccer fans the chance to predict outcomes of upcoming football matches from various major football leagues. Enjoy predicting, challenge yourself and get your soccer knowledge on the next level. 

Google Play Download Link: Soccer Predictor Leagues


Ummah is a social apps for muslims availble for both Android and iOS users. It's an easy to use and yet efficient personal virtual assistant for Muslims that like to remain proud, respectful and motivated. This all in one Muslim app and brotherhood allows Muslims to share, learn, collaborate and connect with Muslims anywhere and at any time. A must have for Muslims.

Official Website: Ummah

App Store Download Link: Ummah

Google Play Download Link: Ummah

Ultima Rewards


Ultima Rewards is an amazing, very easy to use and highly reliable rewards earning app which is created for users that like to earn some extra cash from the comfort of their home, directly on their phones. There are variety of simple tasks to perform including playing games, surveys and watching ads, meaning everyone can earn rewards and gift cards from their android smartphone.

Google Play Download Link: Ultima Rewards

Website: Ultima Rewards 


Moody is a highly effective, practical and helpful mood journal which is created especially for users that need help to change their mood and the way they act and feel. The app is developed for iOS users and it's super simple with a very user-friendly interface, offering various journaling & mood tracking features that can help you to change your thoughts and restructure the way you feel on a daily basis.

Pet Buds

Pet Buds is a platform & community for pet services. No matter if you need pet walking, sitting, grooming or daycare, Pet Buds makes it simple to book these services online via a vetted pet services platform. The app features some extra cool functionalities like pet walk GPS tracking and live photo gallery. The best thing is that you can also register as a pet carer and earn extra income.

Website: Pet Buds
App Store Download Link: Pet Buds
Google Play Download Link: Pet Buds

Tell A Buddy

Designed for users in need to talk to someone online to get help and online counseling by certified professionals, this incredibly easy to use and user-friendly life management app and online counseling tool offers it all. Developed on android platform, this tool will help you improve yourself and get out of the psychological despair with the help of professionals. Any information or feeling shared on the app is completely anonymous, the app is highly discreet. Online psychologists from various fields offer professional help to users in an easy convenient manner.

Official Website: Tell A Buddy

Google Play Download Link: Tell A Buddy


MPoints is a great entertainment app, created for task rewarding and earning free gifts if you want to earn extra while having fun. The reward app is easy to use and very user-friendly, offering you a great opportunity to win free gifts and gift cards by playing different easy games and completing simple tasks like watch ads for gift cards and points that will turn to cash. The more you play and complete tasks on this app, the more gifts you will be able to collect. 

Super Loud Speaker Booster

Super Loud Speaker Booster offers users to boost the volume to the maximum, increasing the sound quality according to their device, enabling them to adjust the soundtracks with the five-band music equalizer. For the user’s choice, there are available 10 professional music genres presets.

Google Play Download Link: Super Loud Speaker Booster – Volume Booster

Stop Gap Dental


Stop Gap Dental is an easy to use, simple and yet convenient problem-solving business platform for the dental industry. It is designed to save time and effort, finding immediate temporary and future vacancies. With the help of this dental job search app for Android and iOS users, you can easily find dental personnel or dental jobs, directly from your phone. Stop Gap Dental provides both dental offices and individuals to fully engage with each other, directly, connecting and communicating. 


Ginger-U is developed for both Android and iOS users, specially designed for women on birth control that need their own personal assistant in order to take and use the pill effectively. Very intuitive and easy for using, this birth control reminder and tracker notifies women on the pill to take it and tells them what to do in case they forget to take the pill.

App Store Download Link: Ginger-U

Google Play Download Link: Ginger-U

Official Website: Ginger-U

 Tipsters Round-Up

Tipster Round-Up is a free sports betting app that may be of great help if you are frequently betting on football, horses and others ports. When you open the betting tips app you can easily navigate to the football or horse betting tips. You can easily view the daily betting tips for the particular day or check the win ratio and tips from other days.

Google Play Download Link: Tipsters Round-Up - Free Betting Tips

Website: Tipsters Round-Up - Free Betting Tips

Atoz Gigs

Atoz Gigs is a Phoenix local serviceapp that is quite helpful, affordable and reliable, offering you the ability to provide or find local home services in many job categories like home repair services, local cleaners, sitters, plumbers, gardeners, painters, lessons, tutoring, errand services and other easily. Developed for Android and iOS users, the app allows users to connect with each other to look for help or offer their help to others, anytime they need to earn some extra money or find service providers nearby.

Official Website: AtoZ Gigs

App Store Download Link: AtoZ Gigs

Google Play Download Link: AtoZ Gigs



Gearth is developed for IOS users (soon to be published for Android too) as one amazing shopping app especially created for selling and buying cars and basically all vehicles.

Users with the help of this easy to use and yet highly efficient shopping platform can buy and sell cars locally, easily and quickly discovering cars for sale in their surroundings. No listing fees or commissions just by using the app users get the chance to learn what the car games is all about directly from their phone, without wasting much of their time or money.

App Store Download Link: Gearth


This practical and efficient all-in-one marketplace for services offers you the ability to get access to airport parking services, event parking, restaurants, the city, movies, events and bike tours or theme parks activities

Official Website: Way

App Store Download Link: Way

Google Play Download Link: Way

Skil App


Skil App is an amazing and highly efficient education app that is easy to use, simple and yet highly helpful on-demand service which helps users in preparing for their job interview by connecting them with real professionals to empower skills.

Official Website: Skil App

App Store Download Link: Skil App

Google Play Download Link: Skil App


Credit360 is created for both businesses and individuals as a credit repair tool which is developed for Android and iOS users. Extremely handy and easy to use, this finance platform offers features and tools to help you repair bad credit scores. Credit checks, credit score rating reports, tips and services are all offered in this all-in-one app with rebuilding experts to help the user repair his credit scores and boost the business credit ratings and personal credits, taking care of all your credit needs without wasting much of your time.

Official Website: Credit360

App Store Download Link: Credit360

Google Play Download Link: Credit360

Ninja VPN

Ninja VPN and its features offer you to simply and easily choose the VPN server to connect to and browse through blocked website or service at highest possible speed with just one-tap connect. The main advantage of the app is the available server power.  Unlimited bandwidth feature is available so you can connect to safe, secure and fast servers. Check out easily your favorite social networks that are blocked by your country, or watch your favorite movie through any geo-restricted video streaming service, or listen to your favorite podcasts and playlist without any lag or bandwidth limitation.  
Google Play Download Link: Ninja VPN


Developed for Android and iOS users, this dining out tracker is offering all lovers of eating out and all foodies that enjoy great food a chance to easily, without much time wasted to discover restaurants, find great food and enjoy the best dining experience, learning from users and helping users to make good dining decisions. Post and share your dining experiences with others and get all the information you need. Find restaurants, select the one you like and browse its menu, post and share your experience.

Official Website: Foodilog

App Store Download Link: Foodilog

Google Play Download Link: Foodilog


Recently published on Android, the KashBucksRewards app helps you to earn money online effortlessly with just a couple of clicks on your phone in your free time. It’s a new remastered app in this niche offering wide variety of money-earning options.

Google Play Download Link: KashBucksRewards


Developed for android and ios users as one helpful and easy to use lifestyle app that offers you the ability to discover and things to do nearby with just a simple tap on your phone. Using this app, will help you to find and choose activities and things to do in your surroundings, get suggestions from users and plan special nights and events with your loved ones. Many things and activities to choose from are available for you so you can always experience something fun and different.

Official Website: Kibii

App Store Download Link: Kibii

Google Play Download Link: Kibii

Fann Direct

This is a very reliable on demand service network which is developed on android and iOS platform, very easy to use and user-friendly, offering both service providers and clients to easily connect with each other within the same friends and family. The app offers amazing interactive home screen navigation and features with a simple splash screen which will help users to find and connect with service providers directly on their phone like dentist, lawyers, mechanics, with who they share the same family and friends.

Official Website: Fann Direct  

Google Play Download Link: Fann Direct  

App Store Download Link: Fann Direct

XtayPro is developed for both iOS and Android users as one easy for using and quite efficient shopping platform. It is a sharing economy platform for transport of small and medium-sized parcels utilizing the spare luggage space of people traveling. With the help of the app, users are getting help when it comes to purchasing some products from overseas not available in their country. Also, travelers can use the app to make money by helping users and purchasing items for them, voicing their trip and making new friends.

Official Website: XtayPro

Official Website: XtayPro

App Store Download Link: XtayPro

Google Play Download Link: XtayPro

Deez Alarm Clock for Deezer Music
This amazing music alarm clock is developed on the Android platform for all users tired of waking up each morning to the same old annoying music. With this alarm clock app, the users are able to choose any music they like and set it as their alarm clock. The app is giving you the ability to choose any track, album and even playlist for your alarms and wake up to new music each day. Start your day the right way by choosing favorite songs, playlists, and albums to be set for your alarm clock.

Google Play Download Link: Deez Alarm Clock for Deezer Music

Marcia Pessanha Boston Homes
Marcia Pessanha Boston Homes is developed for IOS and Android users that need help getting real estate information in real time. Very user-friendly and easy to use, this helpful and practical app offers users a chance to get real-time real estate information directly to their mobile devices and have access to the homes for sale and MLS listings in Massachusetts with all details without wasting their time. Just with a click, users will be able to contact Marcia Pessanha to get information about properties.

Official Website: Marcia Pessanha Boston Homes

App Store Download Link: Marcia Pessanha Boston Homes

Google Play Download Link: Marcia Pessanha Boston Homes


As you know, we’re focusing on apps, thus we have discovered an extraordinary app for users to express their pottery skills – ReallyMake. ReallyMake lets both Android and iOS users create their own pottery, to paint and mold for hours, to relax and have fun. Just use your smartphone or tablet and take your creations all the way from virtual reality to your doorstep.

Official Website: ReallyMake

App Store Download Link: ReallyMake

Google Play Download Link: ReallyMake

Amazon Download Link: ReallyMake

EZgifting is an incredible app for gifting developed for Android and iOS. It offers the users a chance to celebrate and honor their close ones and their special celebration events such as birthdays, weddings, graduations and baby showers with creating a gift and collecting money for it.

Official Website:  EZgifting

App Store Download Link: EZgifting

Google Play Download Link: EZgifting

Freight King

Freight King is developed for Android and iOS users and is a freight transport platform and marketplace . Innovative and game-changing, it is a  reliable and transparent platform for both shippers and carriers, allowing them to connect directly for full truckload, less than truckload, and intermodal services across the nation. 

Official Website: Freight King

App Store Download Link: Freight King

Google Play Download Link: Freight King


Montagio is developed for iOS users as one amazing and interesting collage maker which is offering all photo lovers a chance to enhance their photos and build their dream photo by creating artistic randomly generated collages from their favorite photos. With the app, users will create eye-catching and memorable collages and put their favorite photos in a picture by using different styles offered on the photo app and using them for their social media profile or phone screen, sharing them with others.

App Store Download Link: Montagio

Teaser Music

Teaser Music and the features offered on it will offer each user and music lover a whole new music experience of trending music from the whole world. Using this app will allow the user to add music he/she likes in his/her favorites and all the records of his/her liked songs will be stored making it easier to access.

Google Play Download Link: Teaser Music


Developed for both iOS and Android users, Gainbuzz is created for all media buyers, media sellers and advertisers that like to simplify the whole advertising process. The app is simple and yet highly efficient, offering the users to discover detail information on 1000s media types like locations, rates, availability and much more the user needs at his fingertips whenever he wants. Using the business app allows the users to list, discover and book local advertising spots by using mobile and web applications, enabling smarter, faster and better media planning and buying. Additionally, media sellers can find more advertisers and sell their advertising spots.

Official Website: Gainbuzz

Google Play Download Link for Advertisers: Gainbuzz

App Store Download Link for Advertisers: Gainbuzz

App Store Download Link for Media Sellers: Gainbuzz Pro

Google Play Download Link for Media Sellers: Gainbuzz Pro

 Crypto coins are booming, so having a tool that will alert about price changes is a must. This productivity app is especially developed on android platform as one easy to use and very efficient cryptocurrency alert app that is offering users the simplest features that will help them to keep track of the latest cryptocurrency rates, staying up to date with the cryptocurrency world, getting alerts and charts about the changes in cryptocurrencies they are following. 

Google Play Download Link: Crypto Alert 

EmMa is an iOS app that provides users of practical ways for dealing with stress and anxious thoughts. It is easy to use, designed with neat user interface and full of researched-based techniques from the field of psychology.

Official Website Link: EmMa

App Store Download Link: EmMa

The Leelou Personal Safety as the companion app for personal safety on demand is easy to use, simple and efficient, offering its users ground breaking information to carers in times of distress, anytime and anywhere they need it. Developed for android and IOS users, this SOS alert personal security app is helping users feel safe and get instant help whenever they need it just with tap on the SOS alarm button. With the personal safety app, users have a chance to protect themselves and their loved ones, using the best personal safety features offered in this reliable personal safety app.

Official Website: Leelou Personal Safety

App Store Download Link: Leelou Personal Safety

Google Play Download Link: Leelou Personal Safety

If you want to instantly earn rewards, discounts and other offers with the help you your Android or iOS device, LiveShopper is the app you’re looking for. It is easy to use and works very simple — when you’re at a store, restaurant, hotel, entertainment venue or other participating business, you will have the chance to answer a few questions about your experience, or be asked to perform quick and easy tasks in exchange for rewards that you may be able to use immediately or during your next visit.

Official Website: https://liveshopper.com/
App Store Download Link: LiveShopper
Google Play Download Link: LiveShopper


If you are in anyway connected with crypto or you are just start to get to know the cryptomarket then CoinsNow is a must. This live cryptocurrency app is developed on android platform as very helpful and informative cryptocurrency tool which allows the users to get all data and information they need about many cryptocurrencies in real time, directly on their phones. Using this easy to use and simple app offers users to get updates on more than 1000 cryptocurrencies just with a tap on their smartphones. The user does not need to refresh the app to get the updates and data, getting instantly all information needed. 

Official Website: CoinsNow

Google Play Download Link: CoinsNow


This fashion clothing app for android users is offering users a chance to find and choose the perfect outfit for every occasion they need easily, searching for the most amazing trendy and fashionable outfits. It's a fun voting app too, where users can select the outfits they like and thus giving the original users feedback on their outfit doubts. Great for anyone who loves fashion and clothing.

Google Play Download Link: Instawear

IQ Jackpot

The second app you need to have right now is the app that educates you and helps you earn cash. IQ Jackpot is a trivia game that is especially created as live trivia show where the players need to purchase a ticket for only $0.99 to join the live show, answer the trivia questions correctly and get the chance to win the ultimate cash prize. There are 24 shows daily prized at $100 each. 
Official Website: IQ Jackpot

App Store Download Link: IQ Jackpot


Wishpoke is a social networking app that is developed for both Android and IOS users as one easy to use and incredibly practical Wishlist app that allows the users to be introduced to one amazing and unique way of gifting, through inspiring and sharing. With the app’s help, the user can discover gifts for their loved ones, for every special date and occasion or even create his own Wishlist to share it with his friends and family. Inspiring others or getting inspired is easily done with this app because the user can share wishes on his own or make wishes of friends and family come true.

Official Website: Wishpoke

App Store Download Link: Wishpoke

Google Play Download Link: Wishpoke

Today's Hit Ringtones Pro

This is one incredible and unique ringtone downloader app which is developed on android platform, easy to use highly helpful, offering users to find unlimited number of free music ringtones that can be used for their smartphones for calls, text messages and notifications. With the help of the app as professional and improved version of the previous Today’s Hit Ringtones app , the user have the chance to find the perfect ringtone with quality search and access features available, depending on their taste and set it for someone special that calls them or texts them. 

Google Play Download Link: Today's Hit Ringtones Pro


HostEvent allows users to promote and organize an event app with ease by conjoining advanced technology with a great relationship building and analysis platform. We say it is extremely easy to use (HostEvent websites say you can create a complete event in under 30 minutes) because users can create events in 3 simple steps.

Website: HostEvent

App Store Download Link: HostEvent

Google Play Download Link: HostEvent

Pret A Pak

When we do the all in one shopping we want our products to be of good quality and we want to do it without coming onto some scam. That’s why we offer you Pret a Pak, an amazing online shopping app, giving you the best shopping experience. Doesn’t matter if you wish to buy something that has a designer’s name on it, from accessories to groceries or home décor appliances; you can now find it all without a hustle. Flexible and easy – all you need to do is sign up after you download the app and enjoy your online shopping experience!

Google Play Download Link: Pret a Pak

App Store Play Download Link: Pret a Pak

The Humble App is creative and innovative platform that aims to simplify the lives of both, beauty consumers and beauty service providers. This beauty app is an amazing mesh of features that everyone can benefit from. As a customer, one can find the exact service they require from manicures, to hair and make-up styling and everything and anything in-between. Within just a few seconds, customers can find out about the prices, ratings, reviews or portfolios of their chosen beauty artist or salon. They can book appointments or hire a freelance beauty professional with a simple swipe on the screen of their smartphone.

Storybeat is a great app that gives you the ability to add music and sound effects to your social stories, videos or photographs. With the Storybeat add music to stories app you can spice up your Instagram posts with cool music and sound effects within seconds. If you found adding music to your Instagram Stories and photos to be hard or complicated, Storybeat can help you with is simple and easy to use options. .

Till this day I’m amazed how great this app is. Not only that it categorizes the foods you want to cook, and not only that it tells you which products to use, but it gives you detailed guide to cook the recipe. Also it offers a cart, in which you can choose which products you miss to make the meal and make a list. On top of that “Recipes” gives you detailed Nutrition Facts for the meal you’re going to it, which is pretty awesome!

AdLottery is one interesting and fun lottery app which is easy to use and simply offering all its users all the benefits of lottery without the risk of losing their own money. With this app developed for IOS users, all users have the chance to win the daily jackpot just by watching simple short ads each day. If the user wins the jackpot he can instantly cash-out his winnings. The app is completely safe and it offers all users the chance to win big without entering their own money. Users by using the app will never again feel the need to buy another lottery ticket.

With My Team Values – Team building, you simply require one individual to outline the game, and the rest is dealt with! That is precisely where portable applications fit into the team-building plan of things. This app is at the forefront of team-building methods.
They are an up and coming innovation that a great many people know about. Utilizing a versatile application for your team-building occasion additionally implies that it is less demanding to set up. In the event that you utilize the privilege application, you may not multiple people administering the event.

Google Play Download Link: My Team Values – Team buildingWebsite: http://collaboration.co.uk/triage-for-teams/


monUnique is developed for both Android and iOS users as one easy to use, efficient and interesting photo design app that allows users to create different designs from a specific photo using the patented process offered. This unique design and vector art creation process makes it one of the best digital art creators and that is why it is a must try at least once!

If we missed some app please comment.