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Best iOS & Android Productivity Tools

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Today we are going to present you best productivity apps for Android and iOS. They can be useful to improve anyone's life if used and implemented in the right way.

App Caboodle  


App Caboodle is a personalized app library organizer that is developed for Android users. It’s an efficient, simple, and completely personalized way for organizing, categorizing, and launching downloaded apps. You will be able to personally sort, organize, find, and launch all of your apps with ease. Manage and organize your apps by preference without much effort using this app. 

Official Website: App Caboodle  

Google Play Download Link: App Caboodle 

Spring Cleaning 2

This convenient and reliable contact manager is easy to use and user-friendly, offering you the chance to delete and/or restore up to 10 contacts from your phone at a time. Developed on the IOS platform, this app will help you delete and restore contacts easily and quickly, managing your contacts without effort in a few taps.  


Official Website: Spring Cleaning 2   

App Store Download Link: Spring Cleaning 2




Reminder is a simple and versatile productivity app that is developed for Android users. It’s an easy to use and intuitive reminder tool that can help you organize your life. Never forget an important task again, set reminders and deadline notifications with ease. Get reminded of all your tasks, errands, and to-do lists and put your mind to ease using this app.

Google Play Download Link: Reminder 

Clock Punch


Whether you are working in multiple places, or as freelancers, tracking your work hours is key to achieving the best work life balance, as well as getting rightfully paid. For that purpose Clock Punch is one of the best work hours tracker. You can try it for free.

Official Website: Clock Punch  

Google Play Download Link: Clock Punch 




EATView is a reliable food tracker to keep track of your meat consumption and other animal products intake. It’s one of the best lifestyle apps to lead a healthy lifestyle and reduce your meat intake and the consumption of other animal products such as dairy and eggs.


Official Website: EATview  

App Store Download Link: EATview  

Google Play Download Link: EATview


Grow - Habit Builder

Grow is a productivity app developed for iOS users and designed by a psychologist as a product of a PhD research. It is definitely a breath of fresh air in the habit builder and habit trackers app niche as it offers unique features to build your individual habits (the first psychometric habit builder). The psychometric habit builder app offers you the ability to build solid habits, to track them, showing your progress to reach your goals.   

Official Website: Grow
App Store Download Link: Grow


Developed for Android and iOS users, BcLapp is a one-stop app for personal shopping management offers users the easiest and quickest way for managing their products, utilization, and recipes in one place. By using the app, users get the chance to organize better, stay healthy by preparing shopping lists with items of their choosing, identify products and stay informed about products recalls, discover recipes and much more.

Official Website: BcLapp

App Store Download Link: BcLapp

Google Play Download Link: BcLapp

Agile Log 

Agile Log is especially creates as one quite efficient and helpful project time tracking app that is developed for both android and iOS users that like to track the time they spend on their projects and tasks with a single tap on the app, directly from their phone.

Official Website: Agile Log

App Store Download Link: Agile Log

Google Play Download Link: Agile Log

AppBlock - Stay Focused

AppBlock - Stay Focused is a simple, yet very powerful blocker app that will help you increase your self-control and with your phone addiction. Be more productive and reduce screen time by only installing this app and selecting the apps that may seem distracting while you are doing important job. Not only will you be able to temporarily block apps, but notifications as well.

Google Play Download Link: AppBlock - Stay Focused

Official Website Link: AppBlock - Stay Focused

Reason8 Automated Note-Taking

This recording note-taking and transcribe app for conversations and meetings offers amazing features that allow them to focus on the discussion without taking any notes.  By using the app, users are allowed to just by starting and hosting their meeting, telling colleagues the meeting ID, to record the meeting and get the transcript. 

Google Play Download Link: Reason8

Official Website: Reason8

App Store Download Link: Reason8

Check for Hotmail


Do you handle your calendar and email in two separate apps? Do you also handle gmail, outlook and hotmail emails and accounts in different apps? Then Check for Hotmail is here to give you powerful email management & calendar features in one app. With real-time notifications, simple swiping through inboxes, unlimited email accounts both for gmail and hotmail, protection with pass codes, file management and many other features, you will make use of a powerful email manager and enhance your productivity! 

Google Play Download Link: Check for Hotmail

Website: Check for Hotmail


IAmProductive is a time management and productivity app, designed and developed with the purpose to help users become more productive, efficient and more mindful of where their time is spent. Availble for iOS & Android, this great tool can really help you realize what are you flaws and increase your focus on things that matter!

Google Play Store download link: IAmProductive
App Store download link: IAmProductive

Website: IAmProductive

MobileSync App - WiFi File and Text Transfer/Sync 

At its core MobileSync App is an app that will simplify your app and make you more organized and productive. Generally, the app syncs all of your Android files with your Windows PC. It's simple and all of the best features you can get for free. One of the best features is the auto-syncing, meaning every-time your Android phone and PC are connected to the same wifi network they will sync between each other.

Official Website & Windows app: MobileSync App

Google Play Download Link: MobileSync App


Since everyone is on social media constantly, juggling through them is wasting our precious time. One of the best ways to save time, increase our productivity and make the browsing and consuming process much more enjoyable is using Pyxsee, an all in one social media manager app. Pyxsee gives you full access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube all in one simple-to-use platform. It's available for free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Pyxsee

Progress Graphs

Progress Graphs is a really useful tool for planning and visualizing your life. It's a great productivity app that will help you organize better and make it a goal diary. It is a multi-use productivity app, perfect for working professional mums and dads, new parents, students, graduates, etc. Its primary idea is to provide its users with a meaningful tool that makes life well organized. Get it for free and make use of it in your every day life!

App Store Download Link: Progress Graphs

Google Play Download Link: Progress Graphs


ShedWool - Free Employee Scheduling App

ShedWool is an employee schedule maker for all managers and workers that want to manage their shifts and communicate with each other with an ease. Created by ShedWool, LLC, it requires Android or iOS 8.0 or later and works for most Androdi devices and the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We loved it because it is easy to use, free for download and designed with intuitive UI. It offers web app as well! It is also one of the most feature rich employee scheduling apps too!

Google Play Download Link: ShedWool

App Store Download Link: ShedWool

Official Website: ShedWool

Text Groups

Texting group of people via iOS devices is not possible and suitable, and group texting is one of the best productivity tools any person can have. A great group SMS app that enables tons of great messaging and productivity features is most definitely Text Groups. With few simple taps you'll be able to import your existing iCloud groups at first users, create your own groups: Family, Friends, Colleagues and even create templates of messages so you can just send recurring content. It's free and available on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Text Groups - easy & fast SMS to group of contacts

 EverCal - Family Organizer

We’re talking about an amazing family organizer, a great iOS productivity app called EverCal - Family Organizer. It is developed by YunaSoft Inc., compatible with both iPhone and iPad and designed with intuitive user interface.

Many apps and services seek to do the same, but EverCal gets our recommendation because it combines so many features so easily and effectively. It’s indeed all-in-one app that can solve many of your life’s problems. Its stand out feature is that it enables users to create and share whole family schedules between each other. This makes everything simpler and much more organized, than the other similar apps!

My Pocket Coach

My Pocket Coach will let you set goals. Not only that it will let you add countless habits that will help you in reaching that goals. You can repeat your habit hourly, daily, monthly, weekly or monthly. You can set reminders and follow stats about every habit. This will surely improve your life, make you more productive and effective and it will surely help you in reaching your goals.

Google Play Download Link: MY POCKET COACH



TimeOfYourLife is an iOS productivity app that was recently introduced on the App Store and an app that works with the Apple Watch. With this task and stopwatch app you can really increase productivity because it will help you eliminate the negative activities and increase the positive activities with the use of the stop watch.

App Store Download Link: TimeOfYourLife Multiple Stopwatch for Apple Watch

When Did I 

Excellent productivity app with holo interface that acts like a personal journal of events. Also, you can divide your events by categories and get certain statistics about them. You will never lose track of what is happening of your life. You can use it to track how many calories you enter daily, how much did you spend or how much time you spend on certain things. This can surely improve your life, because you will be more organized and you will cut off the bad habits. 

Google Play Download Link: WHEN DID I

Smart Timesheet - Time Tracker

Are you a freelancer? Do you work on projects and different type of tasks? Well, you will definitely find our App of the Day – Smart Timesheet, extremely handy and useful. This outstanding productivity app is actually a time tracker that is based on tasks. It has the ability to organize your projects and tasks and also show your earning per hour or project.
Google Play Download Link: Smart Timesheet

Mighty Text SMS

We already mentioned this app before, where it's explained how to install it. It’s a productivity app that enables you to send SMS messages from your computer. Pretty useful if your phone is far from you, or you need to send fast and long SMS messages.

Google Play Download Link: MIGHTY TEXT SMS


Skegenda is excellent app contains crisp and neat virtual binders that you can use to fill them up with your personal information. The great thing is that you can enter text, photos, drawings, voice recordings, documents and even videos in these real looking binders. It is a great organization and planning tool that will surely boost your productivity and improve your effectiveness.

App Store Download Link: SKEGENDA



After you install Dropbox on your computer, and you download this app, all of the photos, docs and videos from your smartphone will be uploaded on your computer and to your Dropbox account. So you’ll have them forever, even if you lose your smartphone or something happens to your computer. Also, every file can be shared with your friends or family. Another similar app to Dropbox is the also very popular Google Drive.

Google Play Download Link: DROPBOX


Forget scanners and spammy JPEG to PDF converters that usually don’t work. CamScanner is all you need if you want to scan a picture, or document. If you need to send a document, you just need your camera, and then the app will offer you various photo editing tools to get the best picture. After you choose final version, you can convert the picture to PDF or Jpeg, and then, send the file via fax, send it to other computer or mobile device, or upload them to some cloud storages like Dropbox, Google Drive etc.  They offer a free 200MB cloud space that you can use, though.

Google Play Download Link: CAM SCANNER

Clean Master (Cleaner)

Clean Master is probably the best Cleaner on Google Play. You can use it for clearing out your cache and residual files (files left over from uninstalled apps). Also you can clean the history on your smartphone, including Internet History, SMS, and history from other apps like WhatsApp, Spotify, Line etc.
Additionally, you can use Clean Master as a Task Killer (Although, for this you may try Advanced Task Killer). Clean Master is pretty effective though, as you can choose which apps to kill and which to ignore. This app also enables management of your Android apps, like uninstalling and back up.

Google Play Download Link: CLEAN MASTER (CLEANER)

Evernote and other Note Apps

We already included this app in our best 7 apps you must have and it’s truly the best note app on Android. It’s much more though. You can also take photos, record sounds, transform speech to text, share your notes and documents with friends and everything is synced with your computer or tablet.
Although, Evernote is probably the best, you can also check Color NoteAny.DO and the relatively new Google Keep (which is extremely similar to Evernote) 

Google Play Download Link: EVERNOTE


SwiftKey is one of the best apps on Google Play overall. I can easily put in the Top 5 best apps ever made. This is a free version and you can use it only for one month. If you are satisfied (and you will be), than you’ll have to buy it.

SwiftKey makes the texting on Android smartphones so easy.  It replaces yours touchscreen keyboard, with a own, better one, which understands combinations of words and has the best autocorrect out there. Also it predicts your next words and almost every time it guesses what are you about to write. This will save you so much time. It’s a must have app, as it supports more than 50 languages.

Google Play Download Link: SWIFTKEY FREE

Google Play Download Link: SWIFTKEY TABLET FREE


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